For anyone who would consider themselves a true fan of Pokemon GO, they might have to think again when they witness the affection for this game of a Taiwanese grandpa. Pokemon GO has been a trend for over 2 years, and when the developers say it is a ‘catch ‘em all’ game, Taiwanese grandpa makes us see what it really means by ‘catch ‘em all’.

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15 smartphones attached to the handlebar of his bike

It was his grandson who taught the game for Mr. Chen San-yuan, and little did he know that this would later become his grandpa’s new passion. The 70-year-old man went so far as to have fifteen phones attached to the handlebar of his bicycle. He even owns a custom-made portable battery pack, which enables him to play the game over-night. The phones, the cables, the powers, all cost him up to $4800 to buy, plus another $300 per month to invest in the game. Undoubtedly, those things helped him to catch all Pokémon he passed through and even helped him to have new fans that see him on the street.

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Hugh amount of money is invested to play Pokémon GO

Mr. Chen said it is not just a game. For him, playing Pokémon GO is his way to delays Alzheimer's and to keeps him socially connected. Of all the pokémon, his favorite is Snorlax, the big, cuddly giant most famous for blocking the road while he naps. Now he is famous under the name ‘Pokémon Grandpa’ in Tucheng district, where he lives. The news about him is on CNN, BBC, ABC News, and many other big newspapers.

Elderly citizens do not usually fond of games, and if yes, they would opt for classic games like or Minesweeper. Mr. Chen is such an exception when he loves Pokémon GO, a trending game that is thought to be for the youth only. And not just ‘loves’, he came to play it on fifteen phones simultaneously, with all the equipment that would make everyone admires.