By now the name Tencent is not something strange with the gaming community all over the world. This technology and video game giant in China has been involving in many gaming activities like owning some game developers, cooperating with other gaming companies to produce games, and hosting esports tournaments. And just recently, Tencent has just released a trailer for its new mobile game, and this game looks really promising.

Screenshot 3
The new mobile game of Tencent looks promising

Tencent Interactive Entertainment – the gaming studio of Tencent – published a trailer for the new mobile game of its (still in the developing stage). This game’s title is Code: Live (translated to English). The theme of the game is surviving in a post-apocalypse world where zombies are everywhere. According to famous Twitter account Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) - senior analyst at Niko Partners, covering the digital games market in China & Southeast Asia – this game will be an open world game. There will be an online co-op mode for the game (highly likely will be a Tower Defense mode)

You can check out the trailer of the game below. The trailer is great, and we all hope that the real game will be as great as the trailer. From the trailer we can see more than one type of in-game environments, hinting that we can have multiple attractive gameplay mechanics.

However, we do have to notice that this game of Tencent has a lot of features from Western games of the same genre. From the trailer only we can spot the features inspired by AAA games about zombies like Left for Dead, Metal Gear Survive, State of Decay and Days Gone. The youtube channel KOO KO has released a video to compare the trailer of Code: Live with the trailer of Days Gone, and some features from State of Decay. (side by side comparison starts at 4.46)

It is clear that Code: Live has been inspired a lot from similar games, but that is not something too bad. There are a lot of zombie video games nowadays, and learning the best features from successful games to complete a video game is perfectly okay. We can hope that Tencent’s Code: Live will be a successful zombie open world game on mobile.

Screenshot 4
Open world game with zombies on mobile, how cool is that?