Terraria is definitely amongst the most unique adventure/platform/crafting games out there. It needs not much introduction as it’s now available on multiple major platforms like PC, consoles and now Android, iOS.

Terraria is an action-adventure game by Re-Logic.

Although, regarding the mobile version, it hasn’t been updated for quite a while and seems to lag behind other releases. However, a new massive update is on its way, finally bringing upon a lot of juicy content.

Unique features

In Terraria, every world is as unique as it can be. It’s time to travel from the floating islands to the deepest level of the Underworld and battle evil bosses on the way. Here are some of the most remarkable features in the game:

  • A multiplayer system that supports cross-platform up to 4 players.
  • Over 1360 crafting recipes, including armor, weapons, potions!
  • More than 100 block types to build literally anything you can imagine.
  • 20+ bosses and 450+ enemies up ahead!
  • Loads of cool environments to explore!
Terraria features an exciting gameplay of building, crafting, exploration, and combat in a 2D world.

In the official forums of Terraria, the devs confirmed the arrival of Terraria 1.3 update in the near future. They have added all the features and content into the game and is preparing for some final alpha testing. From now on, the development team will shift their focus completely into polishing and tweaking.

Contents soon to arrive

Here are some contents to come in the next big update, according to the developers. Besides the lunar boss, you will notice plenty of tweaks and improvements. Get ready to welcome back “The Grapplestick”. Additionally, by lessening the clutter, the devs made an effort to free up a lot of gameplay space. Moreover, they toggled off some info items from the PDA, and players can toggle the minimap on/off however they want.

Terraria is available right now on both Android and iOS. In addition, you can also play it via consoles and PC.