The future of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile is no longer bright for Indian players as the game now faces bans in some cities in the country. Some people have even been arrested for playing PUBG Mobile. There are many reasons why the government decides to ban this game, including the negligent learning situation of students in the country, the harms that players face when they spend too much time on PUBG Mobile.

The case of two people from Hingoli, Maharastra died from crashing a train while playing PUBG Mobile became an alarm bell for government involvement. After so many similar incidents, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights sent a petition requesting the intervention of the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to prevent this situation.

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Many cities in India have banned PUBG Mobile

Rajkot, Surat, Gir Somnath, Bhavnagar, and Ahmedabad are the cities that officially issued a ban on PUBG Mobile. The accidents and negative effects on players all over India are clearly not the responsibility of PUBG Mobile. After all, this is a game and built with the aim of bringing entertainment to people in a healthy way.

A month ago, people blamed PUBG Mobile for making Indian students not focused on learning and making the results worse. However, before the arrival of PUBG Mobile, the children lost their focus on their learning when they spent a lot of time playing outdoor activities like football or cricket.

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The game is played by many Indians.

Vijay Gopal, currently running a forum in Hyderabad with other activists, said their thoughts on the government's PUBG ban. They claim that PUBG Mobile makes players addictive and leads to negative effects. But other applications like Tiktok or are similar, it also has some impact on users.

Is the ban really effective or just a biased action?

There are cases like some individuals in Mumbai hanging on local trains and having a fatal accident, but we cannot blame the game for their death. It is important that everyone understands that everything that happens depends primarily on the people and surroundings. This game does not always bring trouble and adversely affect India. In fact, through bringing esports in India, PUBG Mobile has brought more jobs to the people here and helped the youth in the country promote their names to the world.

Young citizens of the country like Carryminati and Mortal are playing this game and bringing pride and honor to their homeland. Yet many activists still believe that this game only brings bad effects to the country. The bias will not improve this situation, many gamers hope that the government and activists should carefully review the decision and hope that the PUBG Mobile ban is not one of the best measures.