Christmas is finally here, and while it is supposed to be a time for joy and cheer, it could be pretty stressful for some because of all the stuff that needs doing. So here is a list of 5 great winter-themed games on mobile that might help you get into the mood to enjoy the holidays.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is undoubted one of the best, and arguably THE best, winter-themed game currently available on mobile. If even this game can’t ease your stress, then honestly nothing can. This endless runner (or in this case, snowboarder) is just incredibly relaxing, and the developers even added in a zen mode that removes all obstacles, so you can just enjoy the stunning view of the snowy mountains while listening to the beautiful soundtracks for hours.

That said, Alto’s Adventure also has plenty of challenges to offer for those that want them. You’ll ride across an endless range of mountains on your snowboard while avoiding many obstacles, and try to get as far as you can. You can try to perform various tricks to increase your score as well.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

Skiing Yeti Mountain is yet another avoiding-obstacles-on-snowy-mountain game, but this time you will be skiing instead of snowboarding (Yes, they are very similar, but there are differences. Look it up!), and the movements will be vertical, not horizontal. To top it off, the game features a story in which you will have the chance to meet many bizarre characters and try to get to the bottom of several mysterious murders that happened on this mountain.

Ski Safari 2

Many people say that we wouldn’t have had Alto’s Adventure without Ski Safari. Now, its sequel, titled Ski Safari 2, has upped the game with improved visuals and tricks. So get out there and see if you can outrun an avalanche, and don’t forget to save some animals while you’re at it!

Dog Sled Saga

Dog Sled Saga is an adorable racing simulator in which you recruit a team of dogs, then train them to become the best racers. As you spend more time with your canine friends, you’ll discover new traits about each individual. For example, some dogs like being the alpha, while others prefer to follow orders.

Snow Town

Snow Town Android

Last on the list is Snow Town, a city builder that, as its name suggests, takes place in a wintery town. And like any other building simulators, your task is to turn your town into a prosperous haven with happy citizens and effective production chains.