You guys might have known that COD Mobile Season 11 has already begun, bringing along with it a new weapon, scorestreak and battle royale in the game’s latest update. The season also contains a multiplayer map and some other features which will appear later. However, the most interesting feature to be added in this season is 'The Club'.

No violence, no gun fights, 'The Club' offers players a space to relax, to connect with other players and to interact with minigames, in which several rewards can be redeemed using anniversary points. 'The Club' also allows players to go straight to a battle royale, ranked or multiplayer match from it. 

Call Of Duty Mobile Anniversary Coins 1
No violence, no gun fights, 'The Club' offers players a space to relax, to connect with other players.

Now, keep reading to find out what The Club looks like and how it works in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11, which will be on-air on November 10th.  

1. Entering The Club 

Find and click on the icon on the main screen of the game to enter The Club. 

Cod Mobile Season 11 Enter The Club
Click on the icon on the main screen to enter The Club.

2. Minigames 

There are three minigames you can play in The Club to earn coins and redeem them for special prizes: Kaboom, Knife Game and Darts. 

Cod Mobile Season 11 Knife Game
Knife Game

3. Anniversary Machine 

Minigames also give players anniversary points, which are used to get several rewards from the Anniversary Machine. There’s even a leaderboard to rank players based on how many anniversary points are collected. The higher you climb, the more rewards you are able to claim. 

Anniversary Machine
Anniversary Machine

4. DJ Reaper In The House 

Reaper plays the role of a DJ in The Club. He offers multiple choices of songs to play in the club when players interact with him. 

Dj Reaper In The House
DJ Reaper In The House

5. Talk with NPCs

Non-playable characters in COD Mobile Season 11 also appear in The Club, including T.E.D.D, Ghost, and Adler. Once approached, they will either talk about Call of Duty stories or give out small missions. 

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