The new horror, survival and full of adventure game The Coma: Cutting Class is now available on Android operating system, after being launched stealthily.

You get to become a normal student who were attending a Korean high school. You were about to begin the final exam, being exhausted from a cramming session that lasted for the whole night. Every bit of your preparation as well as the grueling hours you spent studying resulted you falling as sleep during the test.


You woke up only to find yourself left alone - nobody had even bothered to wake you up when school was over. It was pretty dark outside, so you decided to go home. Only If you were able to...

The Coma: Cutting Class is a survival adventure and horror 2D game. In this game, you will have to find the way to get out of what once your high school but now just another abandoned building. The place is now fully packed with fatal traps as well as haunting signs. Besides those hellish corridors will not be the only things you need to contend with. Your classmates and even your teachers have now warped into scary ghosts, and nothing will keep them from hunting you down.

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In this unimaginable situation, you clearly have almost one choice only, which is trying your best to find out what was it that brought you into this circumstance in the first place and find the way to get out of this nightmare. Unluckily, it appears that the ghosts are having other plans.

At some point in the game, there will turn out to be a murderer in your school. All you can do then is run and hide yourself as well as hold every bit of your breath as out there is a psychotic killer who is stalking every hall of the school. Therefore, you need to try your best to find the escape way out of the school while avoid encountering the murderer.