Aniplex publisher, which is famous for their product Fate/Grand Order, has revealed its work on a new mobile game named “Disney Twisted-Wonderland” early last month. Twisted-Wonderland was announced during the AnimeJapan 2019 convention. However, there were only some bits of information provided. Except for some visual arts and the title of the upcoming game, no official trailer nor screens shots were given. However, what we do know is that more information will be disclosed by Aniplex the following week.

The game will likely focus around villains

However, we can guess from the slogan “Welcome to the Villains’ world” that the game will surround the villains in the Disney Cinematic Universe.

Here is what we already know about Disney Twisted-Wonderland so far:

  • Inside the game, players will take on the role of a “hero” who was transferred to a different world which is the “Twisted-Wonderland” by a magic mirror.

  • Players will then find themselves entering the world’s famous magic school known by the name Night Raven College.

  • In their time at school, a mysteriously masked principle will guide us players in their mission to find a way to return home.


  • Nevertheless, the road is long for the players because the school is full of wealthy delinquents who will give them a hard time by spoiling their plans.

  • There will be different dormitories, similar to that of Harry Potter four houses. However, this time there will be seven dormitories.

  • The first dormitory is named “Heartslabyul”, which was found on cards in Alice in Wonderland.


  • It is currently unknown whether the player will be allowed to choose 1 in the 7 dorms or not.

  • Another detail that was revealed was the mysterious character we saw waking up from the coffin in the above teaser artwork. The character’s name was translated into “Maleus Draconia” or “マレウス・ドラコニア” in Japanese. No information has been given about the character yet

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    Who is this mysterious character?