It’s time to welcome back the Crystal Gems… with another tough situation! An ancient book is lost, including legendary gem secrets inside that were sucked into it. Now, it’s all depends on Steven and Connie to save the day in The Phantom Fable!

The Phantom Fable
Help Steven and Connie save the Crystal Gems in The Phantom Fable!

Control Steven and Connie

The Phantom Fable features original voices from Steven Universe’ cast, which unsurprising considering that it is set in the Steven Universe game as well. Unlike many mobile releases in the past, the game takes a much more adventurous approach. In it, you’ll be playing as Steven and Connie and travel to visit ancient gem remnants.

In fact, each character has their own power that you’ll need to use. For your information, solving environmental puzzles will light your way through further and further.

The Phantom Fable
Solve puzzles and take down enemies to advance through the game.

Rescue your friends

Sooner or later, you’ll get to free Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst from their prisons and let them join the team. Also, by utilizing their assistance, you should fight better and get more puzzles solved.

The Phantom Fable
Draw your weapons and fight with a creative combat system.

A unique combat system

Moreover, The Phantom Fable features an exciting combat system driven by gestures. For example, it’s possible to draw symbols on your device’ screen to unleash abilities and special attacks. Later on, you can leave out corrupted gems and bubble them for preserving once you have Steven’s powers.

The Phantom Fable
Face epic bosses and don't die!

Mysteries await!

The more pages of the ancient book you recover, the more twisted truths will the Crystal Gems unveil. Hidden secrets from each chapter await you behind the deepest memories. With many similar details to the original, it feels just like an episode of Steven Universe in The Phantom Fable.

The Phantom Fable
Mysteries ahead! Uncover them all!

Get The Phantom Fable right now on Google Play or App Store for just $2.99 (Rs 210). In general, if you are a true fan of Steven Universe, you definitely do not want to miss this game!