This is the Police is an adventure strategy game developed by Weappy Studio. This Is the Police was originally released on PC platforms in 2016 before being ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2017. In February, fans of the games heard some rumors that THQ Nordic would be publishing its mobile version soon. 

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The game will be launched on December 13th

It was the official website of THQ Nordic that spread the news, as they listed it as a 2018 release. However, for a long time there was no follow-up information, so fans were worried that the event was just a false news. Now they can be relieved as This is the Police will definitely be coming on December 13th on both iOS and Andriod platform, confirmed by HandyGames – a subsidiary company of THQ Nordic. While waiting, you can take a look at the new official trailer of the game to see what you can expect.

The plot of the game is quite new and exciting where you would be playing as the police chief Jack Boyd. The old police would be retired in 180 days. Within that 6 months, he had to somehow manage to earn $500,000. He had no choice but to do some unethical things while executing his job as someone who manages the crime and keeps the city safe: “juggle dealing with the Mafia, corrupt cops, seedy politicians, and even members of the clergy who are way closer to hell than heaven”

This is the Police is a full premium game

The news even got better, This is the Police will be a premium game, which means no ads or in-app-purchases. HandyGames said that they have their plan to develop premium games as a result of being acquired by THQ. This is a great news for gamers, but first, they have to wait until the launch of This is the Police on iOS and Andriod on December 13th to see what they can get.