Whenever the word “remastered” is mentioned, people often think of some really old games from the 90s – early 2000s, which makes Reed Remastered is a true curiosity. The original Reed was first released only in March 2018, and we even got a sequel last December as well. This might be the fastest “remaster” game ever. In any case, the game is now available on the App Store. Check out its trailer below:

In case you don’t know, Reed is a puzzle/platformer game known for its punishing difficulty, and this remastered version will come with revamped graphics, additional soundtracks, and more secrets to discover. As you can see from the trailer included above, while the graphics don't look that different, the animations are definitely a lot more flamboyant. Look at how the character picks up the cube to unlock the exit for example: When you compare it to the original release, it looks a lot smoother.

Reed Animation
The animations are a lot smoother this time around

But if you’ve finished the first game already, then you’ll probably be more interested in the new secrets and music this time around. We have yet to go through everything so we can’t give our opinion on it yet, but given how great Reed was, having extra content is surely not a bad thing at all.

The best part is, Reed Remastered I available for $0.99 (Rs 70), which is actually cheaper than the $1.99 (Rs 140) of the original. This means if you didn’t play Reed before, you can now get more content for a lesser price.

The remastered is actually cheaper than the original, so you can get more content for a lesser price

As mentioned, Reed Remastered is available on the App Store starting from today, the 9th of October. It is a premium app that will set you back $0.99 (Rs 70) if you want to pick it up.