Recently we have received the brand new mobile game of Mahjong Soulfrom Yostar. This new game will come in two languages options - English and Japanese. They intend to launch this game for both Android and iOS platform in Japan and North America market in the Spring of 2019. They reportedly have plans to launch the game for other regions later on, but there is no announcement for that at the moment.

They Are Bringing Mahjong Soul To Our Mobile Devic
The game has amazing graphics

From our current information, we could say that Mahjong Soul is a mahjong game with Japanese style and many cute anime girls. We will also get a try it out on the official website of the game before the launch on mobile. It is available now so if you are a mahjong enthusiast, go try the game right now.

Meet the characters

Throughout the game, you'll get to meet several cute anime girls, each of whom have a different background, personality, and hobbies. It's certainly a treat so get to play with them.

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You'll get to meet many beautiful girls in Mahjong Soul, each with a unique personality

A relaxing competitive game

Mahjong Soul also has the option for you to compete online vs many players from all over the world. That is a very exciting experience. Of course, in order to come out on top, you will have to make good use of your skills to outsmart your opponents. If you are on the search for a competitive yet relaxing game then join Mahjong Soul now!

They Are Bringing Mahjong Soul To Our Mobile Devic
There are hundreds of levels in the game

If you are interested in Mahjong Soul and want to know more about this game you could check out its Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and their official website. Also, stay subscribed to our channel to get the newest feed about the game.