Colin Lane is a Swedish game developer who specializes in making pint-sized free games. He recently crossed the four-million downloads milestone on the App Store and is currently working on a new mobile title called “Knight Brawl”. If you have enjoyed Lane’s other works, you will notice that this game shares the same wacky physics-based aspects and concepts from his other fighting games. “Knight Brawl” features a gang of knights that beat the hell out of one another with their weapons.

2019 05 26 4
A wacky fighting game

Moreover, if you have been following Lane’s games for a while, you will also notice that this title “Knight Brawl” is the spiritual heir of Lane’s previous title “Epic Frail”, in which you played as a guy that looks literally straight out from The Warriors and beat the living hell out others with a mace on an island. Based on the similar concept, Knight Brawl offers more with shields, a bunch of new types of weapons, and more flashy moves. Check out the game trailer below:

2019 05 26 8
There are a wide variety of weapons for you to beat the hell out of others

2019 05 26 9
As you hit your opponents, their armor will fall off piece by piece

If you enjoy the previous games of Colin Lane, then the above trailer should give you a certain hype for the upcoming game. Check out the way that equipment can be knocked off from other knights and your character pieces by pieces from the trailer. Similar to most of Lane’s titles, Knight Brawl will be free to download and the game will feature ads, which can be disabled by a one-time IAP if you choose to do it. The game is expected to launch on the 12th of June. It is also available for pre-order on the App Store right now if you are eager to get it as soon as possible.