At the beginning of this year, Korean game developer Pearl Abyss released an announcement that they would bring Black Desert Mobile to all mobile devices globally. 

This massively popular MMORPG already made its premiere on mobile devices earlier. However, it was available in only some countries. During the previous announcement, Pearl Abyss did not mention about the release date of the game. But this time, we might have more details about it. The developer posted this announcement on their Facebook account with the content as below:

According to a recent announcement on Facebook, Black Desert Mobile was out successfully in both Japan and Taiwan. And now, the developer team behind Black Desert is preparing for the global launch of the game following a successful release in Japan and Taiwan. The global version is scheduled to arrive.

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Black Desert Mobile will be out on mobile devices globally.

According to the comments, it seems that loyal fans of this game think that Pearly Abyss had many shenanigans. They several times broke their words of launching the portable version of Black Desert. That's why many people are dubious about the announcement this time. 

Black Desert Online (not the mobile version) is available in more than one hundred and fifty countries with more than eighty million registered players. It is available on all main platforms and has gained gross sales of more than one billion dollars in only four years.

The game is an action MMORPG with incredible graphics.

The game has a wide variety of classes, including Dark Knight, Beastmaster, Ranger, Giant, Witch, and Sorceress. The combat is not target-based and requires quick reactions & micromanagement. There are even many non-combat contents, allowing players to customize their accommodation & acquire new abilities. 

Let's watch the trailer of Black Desert Online!

The game's original version was extremely complicated, leading to some mechanics getting omitted on mobile because of the restrictions on the platform. Nonetheless, the developer believes that it still maintains the spirit of the PC version in spite of all the cuts. The additional auto questing mechanics is one of the most notable changes in the mobile version. It often takes you hours for a paltry amount of loot when playing the game on other platforms, which is unfeasible on mobile devices, so this makes sense.