Spiritwish - a promising MMORPG by Nexon

Spiritwish is an MMORPG for mobile by Nexon that was released for the Korean market about one year back. Now, the studio has recently made the game available for three more countries. They are the Philippines, Canada, and Malaysia. This suggests that we might be seeing a global release in the future.The game is well-received in Korea and is regarded as one of the most worth-playing games for those who love the amiable and simplifying trend.

Spiritwish Cover
Spiritwish (by Nexon)

Three characters at your command

Spiritwish gives you the ability to command up to 3 characters at the same time. In other words, you can group three heroes you want into a party for each battle.

Three Characters At Your Command
You'll have controls over 3 characters at the same time

Each character has 4 unique abilities that set them apart from the others. These abilities are presented through 3 separate skill bars positioned at the bottom of your skills, meaning you'll have a total of 12 skills at your disposal at any given time and can use any combination of them as long as it fits your tactics.

On the other hand, if you like to do other stuff while playing and sometimes find it cumbersome to handle the three heroes at the same time, the game also offers you an Auto mode that can help you relax when all your heroes are automatically fighting at their best abilities. You can also customize your Auto-Battle style if you want some changes for your tactics.

Spiritwish 007
Spiritwish Auto-Battle Mode

Besides, the game gives you a wide range of exciting missions to complete, dungeons to explore, co-op raids to tackle, and more.

Spiritwish is now available on Google Play

As mentioned, Nexon has released Spiritwish on Google Play in several regions. If you are living in one of them, you can check the game out right now. If not, stay tuned for updates on the global release.