In case you didn’t know, Forsaken World was one of the few large-scale games made by Perfect World Entertainment – the same studio behind the popular Perfect World Online – and it was a pretty successful MMORPG in its own rights back in the days.

Unsurprisingly, that success prompted the developer to make a mobile version of the game titled Forsaken World Mobile, which was released in July 2015, just before MMORPG became massive on the mobile platform. That game lasted for 3 years and was shut down in 2018. Still, it seems that Perfect World Entertainment was not done with the Forsaken World franchise just yet, as it went on to announce a brand new MMORPG simply named Forsaken World for mobile last April.

New Forsaken World Screenshot 6
This new project was announced back in April

That was already a few months ago, and we didn’t hear anything else about this title until the recent ChinaJoy 2019 event. It’s clear that the team is not investing too much into marketing for the game just yet. In any case, from what we know so far, the upcoming Forsaken World will be a remake of the original game on PC instead of a sequel or prequel. All the familiar factions and towns will make a return, and many additional features will be added.

Forsaken World Demo At ChinaJoy 2019

Interestingly, Perfect World’s presentation at ChinaJoy also teased a brand new area for the game: Underground realm below the surface of the earth, where no light can reach. This area promises to include 300 levels and tons of terrifying monsters to defeat. Judging from that concept, it’s not hard to tell that the designs will be inspired by hell and death.

New Forsaken World Screenshot 3
The game features beautiful graphics and promises to deliver a brand new area

That is all we have heard about Forsaken World up to this moment, but given that Perfect World mobile was recently released for the global market, this one will probably follow as well, so stay tuned for more updates.