Developer 9SPlay is bringing Blades Tale, a new MMORPG for mobiles, to the Google Play store, and it is now available for pre-registration.

Blades Tale
Blades Tale - A new MMORPG by 9Splay.

Blades Tale takes place in eastern Wuxia, a fantasy world. Players can experience the story, which seems to be inspired by Rome and Juliet, about Duan Huiyin and Yan ShiSi. They both fall in love, but their families are mortal enemies. So despite growing up as two childhood sweethearts, they're forced to turn against each other. Check out a short teaser for the game below:

During the time of war, there is an evil force that uses the couple to gather and take the "Godstone" power as a means to spread darkness on the world. In order to save Yan ShiSi from the spreading madness, Duan Huiyin sacrifices her soul to steal the gods' power. She later goes back in time and tries to alter her fate.

blades tale
Its combat system looks decent for a mobile game.

Blades Tale offer a fully customizable gameplay system. You can change your playstyle any time since there are 5 different weapons in the game, including swords, bows, and even your own fists. Additionally, the new Wing system makes it possible to adjust your own character progression.

There is also a system called "7-day dating" featured in the upcoming title. Players can configure dating settings, and then go out and match with others within their area. Seems like that would be a fun experience as you can go kiting lanterns, chatting, summoning pets in Blades Tale. They're all considered parts of the sweet calmly love life in the game.

blades tale
Enjoy the love life with the 7 Day Dating System

With the new trading system in Blades Tale, developer 9Splay recommend that we should enjoy its game with friends. Blades Tale is an MMORPG after all, and since it will be free-to-play, there is nothing to stop you from teaming up with others and embark on a new journey into the world of eastern Wuxia!

Blades Tale is now available for pre-registration on its official Google Play page.