The Asdivine series continues to grow with the latest installment: Asdivine Kamura. Originally opened for pre-registration on June 27, the game has now hit the App Store and Google Play.

Asdivine Kamura
Asdivine Kamura is the newest title in the Asdivine series.

In the world of Asdivine Kamura, there is a superior being called Zaddes, whose prime purpose is to alter the planet. Naturally, that would lead to major consequences, so a Spirit Deity known as Shiki now embarks on a journey to put a stop to that plan. In order to do that, he must seek for the Mystic Orbs scattered across various locations, teaming up with an extraordinary group of both freewheeling and quiet female companions in the process. Check out the game's official trailer below:

This turn-based JRPG features a series of battles that take place in 3x3 grid battlegrounds, where you can design your strategies, take advantage of positioning, use ranged attacks to counter enemies' formations, and more. Remember, you can summon or turn into Harbingers to dominate the battlefields!

Zaddes - the antagonist of the game.

In addition, the bonds between members of the group are really important throughout the game. By using the right strategies and strengthening relationships, there will be no obstacle that the group cannot overcome.

On Asdivine Kamura's official store pages, the developer KEMCO describes it as "the biggest game in the series to date". Seems like that's not an exaggerated statement as the game actually comes out with loads of new contents in comparison with previous Asdivine titles, including battle arenas, weapons, and much more for you to explore.

Asdivine 2
Work as a group to get through battles.


All in all, Asdivine Kamura follows the tradition of the Asdivine Universe as a 2D JRPG. There are also microtransactions in the game, which is to be expected honestly. You can make some purchase to gain a few shortcuts or play normally and earn points. Either way, you will still able to help out Shiki and his party to bring balance back to the world.

Asdivine Kamura is now available for both iOS and Android devices.