Recently in a media event, Shengqu Games (formerly known as Shanda Games) has announced that they are still working on some of their new titles. It looks like Project A, an MMORPG for mobile platforms developed in-house and is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, is one of the best looking games in that revealed list.

Project A 1
Project A is an MMORPG for mobile platforms.

Despite being one of the largest Chinese game publishers in the past, Shanda Games has had really hard times dealing with its own business. The company is recently sold to another owner and was being re-branded into Shengqu Games.

The recent announcement which told us about Project A was actually made by the new management team of Shengqu Games. They also revealed their plans on distributing the upcoming title globally, because Chinese players are not really well-aware of D&D, a western-fantasy product. Check out the reveal trailer below:

However, some people may feel weird about the developer's claim that Project A is an original title. We could easily realize that the game has much in common with Dungeons & Dragons. And according to recent news, the studio is still working on this title using Metal technology by Apple along with the Unity Engine.

In terms of in-game music, Shengqu Games has hired the music producer behind The Wandering Earth, a well-known Chinese movie, to compose the soundtracks of Project A. With the help of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, we should probably expect some excellent works here.

Project A 2
The game will have a western fantasy setting inspired by Dungeons & Dragons

And that's not the end of the news. Shengqu Games is obviously determined to invest a lot into its upcoming title. The company also hired many writers working on stories for Project A. These contents seem to be parts of in-game lore and missions.

Project A looks like a mobile MMORPG that's worth waiting for. At least we've learned that Shengqu Games is actually ambitious about this project. However, they've not announced the release window for the game, and more details are yet to come.