From Publisher Cube Magic Interactive, Sins Raid is an upcoming RPG for iOS and Android devices. Originally released in Closed Beta earlier this year for the North America market, the game looks like it is now under the final stage of development as it is now available for pre-registration.

Sins Raid
The game will be officially released for mobile platforms really soon.

In the world of Sins Raid, there is a peaceful realm called Land of the Gods. The game begins when the First Sins invades and spreads darkness on the land. As the Hero of the Light, you will rise in the middle of the crisis, embarking on a journey to fight for the innocent.

The RPG Sins Raid' trailer looks appealing.

That sounds like a typical RPG. In fact, the developer described its game as a combination of the boss fights and loot system that we usually see in AAA titles. Sins Raid also features a wide range of heroes to choose from, divided into a total of 5 different classes: Melee, Tank, Healer, Ranger, and Sorcerer. Each of them has unique abilities and skills to combine. Players need to form the strongest team to bring balance back to the Land of the Gods.

Sins Raid2
Epic boss battles await.

Sins Raid will take players through a series of turn-based, real-time battles (yes, the two terms are not mutually exclusive). While they're packed with many different combat mechanics such as interruptions, disables, it's fairly easy to approach since you only need one or two fingers to control your Heroes. Additionally, Sins Raid has both singleplayer and multiplayer mode. You can either enjoy the game by yourself or invite other friends to face challenges together.

sins raid
It only requires a couple of fingers to control the Heroes.

All in all, Sins Raid is a kind of game that anyone can enjoy, from casual to hardcore gamers. With an innovative, easy-to-approach control system and familiar gameplay, the game seems to be a promising title for mobile players.

You can head to the Google Play page of the game for pre-registration. More information about its official launch date is yet to come.