Just a couple of days ago in South Korea, Kakao Games has released its newest mobile MMORPG,  TERA Classic. Lantau Games is the one behind the development in this game, and apparently, the team has used Unreal Engine 4 to craft this one. The story in TERA Classic is the prequel to TERA (the PC game).

Here we have a gameplay video of TERA classic:

Currently, there are many mobile versions of TERA being developed, TERA Classic is the second game after Netmarble's TERA M (a less successful game in Korea).

TERA Classic

Tera Classic Is A Mobile Mmorpg Based On Unreal En
The extremely vivid graphics will also certainly amazed you.

In TERA Classic, you will be immersed in a massive open world with extremely vivid graphics. The game also features a detailed guild system along with large scale battles. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between the two main factions - the Dark Devan Empire or the Resistance Army - to join.

Tera Classic Is A Mobile Mmorpg Based On Unreal En
You can participate in the battle experience between the two main sides Dark Devan Empire or Resistance Army,

Most of the original features of TERA PC will come to TERA Classic. That includes non-target combat systems, open worlds, guild systems. And you can also set up a hunting party to deal with bosses, a feature that is clearly a fan-favorite across the franchise.

Not without flaws

However, TERA Classic still has some shortcomings, such as the lack of Class system. The race system is poor compared to the PC version. Plus the game also lacks diversity in the character customization.

Tera Classic Is A Mobile Mmorpg Based On Unreal En
The game also lacks diversity in character customization in comparison with some of its competitors such as Back Dessert.

Plus, it seems that the game has not yet allowed you to ride the Pegasus to explore the fanciful world with an aerial view. Thus, for the moment you can only move on the ground with horses, or use fast travel.

As mentioned, TERA Classic is available in Korea right now. A global launch is not confirmed at the moment.