PUBG Mobile season 5 is coming soon in a couple of weeks with many new additions. Besides, the tier drop is also a great concern for many players. Here are the full details of the tier drop in the upcoming season. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile Tier Drop Details In Season 15

Like previous seasons in PUBG Mobile, your tier will be reset at the beginning of season 15. It means that no matter whether you reached Conqueror or Diamond tier this season, your rank will drop at the beginning of the next season. Here are the rank reset details you need to know.

Rank System
Tier reset in PUBG Mobile season 15
  • Below Gold V: remain the same tier.
  • Gold V - II: drop to Gold V.
  • Gold I - Platinum V: drop to Gold IV.
  • Platinum III - I: drop to Gold III.
  • Diamond V - III: drop to Gold II.
  • Diamond II - I: drop to Gold I.
  • Crown V - IV: drop to Platinum V.
  • Crown III-II: drop to Platinum IV.
  • Crown I: drop to Platinum III.
  • Ace 1 - 5 stars: drop to Platinum II.
  • Ace 6 stars - Conqueror: drop to Platinum I.
Season 15 Tier Rewards
Season 15 will arrive in September with many rewards

You will start the new season at a lower rank and start to push rank again. At the beginning of the new season, the highest tier is Platinum I. It would be better if you start to push rank at a higher tier. Then, you get more chances to reach the Conqueror tier faster. So, you should end this season at a higher rank.

Try To Reach Conqueror
Try To Reach Conqueror Before Rank Reset

Half of season 14 is over. The next season will start in the second week of next month. It means that you have about four weeks left to push rank in the current season before season 15 arrives. Moreover, you will also get a number of silver fragments as season 14 tier rewards when season 15 starts.