PUBG Mobile has introduced a new exciting Arena gun game in the Library map. This game mode requires your shooting skill and weapon master. Besides, you need to choose a good position to kill more enemies. Check out the top hidden places and tips to win on this Library map here with

Secret Places In The Library Map

There are some locations on this Library where you can camp to kill more enemies and upgrade to the last weapon quickly.

Library Map
Library Map
  • The secret passage on the left of each bridge end. It can be seen when you head to the monument from the spawn room. Players can find the entrance of this passage in the hidden wall corner below the staircase.
  • Monument. You can climb on the monument, sit, and camp the enemies on the other side of the bridge.
Secret Passage
Secret Passage In The Library Map
  • Standing bookshelves on the ground. Hide behind these bookshelves, listen to the footprint sound, and attack enemies suddenly.
  • Under the staircase. You can also camp under the staircase and kill enemies jumping down from the bridge.

Must-know Tips To Win PUBG Mobile Gun Game

You also need some tips to win this tense and exciting game mode in PUBG Mobile.

  • You will begin with SMGs. So, engage in close-quarter combat on the ground. Try hip-fire in close combat with SMGs.
  • Stick to teammates and give them enough cover and support to win.
  • When you reach bolt-action snipers like Kar98K, M24, and AWM, you should camp to snipe from your home.
You Will Start With An Smg
You Start With An SMG
  • When a member of the enemy squad upgrades to the pan, your squad should go together. Cover and try to kill that player before he can land a pan on one of you.
  • If one of your teammates reach pan, give him enough cover, and help him kill an enemy. You can cause a significant deal of damage to the enemy and help your teammate land a kill pan.
  • If you get the pan, choose the enemy who goes alone with a pistol to kill.
  • If you cannot kill enemies with Fist, let the enemy kill you. When you respawn, you will come back to the battleground with a new gun.