PUBG Mobile is an exciting shooting-for-survival game in which weapons play the core role. M416 and M16A4 are the two most popular 5.56 ARs in classic mode. You can easily get these weapons on the map to engage in combat. However, which one is better? Let's compare and see which one is better here with

M416 Vs M16A4: Damage & Firing Mode

The damage per hit of both M416 and M14A6 are pretty equal. The damage of M416 is 41 while it's 43 in M16A4. So, these guns need the same number of bullets to knock and kill an enemy.

Sanhok M416
M416 is the most favorite gun in PUBG Mobile

The most significant difference between these two guns is the firing modes. Both these guns have two firing modes and both of them offer a single mode. However, M416 has full-auto firing mode and lets you spray bullets. Meanwhile, M16A4 has a burst mode of firing. It lets you fire two bullets per tap.

M16A4 is also a stable that uses 5.56 ammo

Therefore, M416 is more versatile because you can spray bullets in short-range combat. Then, you can switch to the single firing mode to tap and fire in medium-range combat. M16A4 is better in medium-range engagements.

M416 Vs M16A4: Recoil

Both M416 and M16A4 are pretty stable and easy to use. You can use a suppressor to hide the gun sound or a compensator to reduce the gun recoil. It's still stable when you attach a flash hider or a suppressor. Both these ARs have many attachment slots to make the gun less recoil.

M416 Vs M16A4: Attachments

M416 has more attachment slots, including the muzzle, sight/scope, mag, grip, and stock. Meanwhile, M16A4 also requires the same attachment set. The best attachments for M416 include a 3x or 4x scope, a tactical stock, a foregrip, a compensator, and an extended mag.

M416 Foggy Map
The best attachment for the foggy map is a flash hider

You should find the same attachment set for M16A4. But you should attach a suppressor to this AR to hide the firing sound in medium-range combat.