The murder mystery is probably amongst the best genre in fiction, and if you love to play an android game with that theme on the go, there is definitely a decent number of them out there. In this article, we would list out some of the Best Detective Games for Android. In these titles, you would get to find clues, hints left behind by killers, question suspects then use your logic to catch the culprit. Some of the stories in here are pretty well written – almost as good as what you would find on television. All the games below are free and can be found in the Google store.

10 – Best Detective Games For Android: MazM Jekyll and Hyde

The mysterious story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a.k.a multiple personality murder is pretty famous and is known far and wide. Jekyll, after consuming a mysterious “cure”, has become a murderous killer named Hyde without knowing. MazM’s version of the story is an adventure/detective game, follow the famous story through the eyes of Mr. Utterson, the lawyer.

top 10 detective games for android
Top 10 Detective Games for Android: MazM's Jekyll and Hyde

In this game, you would get to explore London in the nineteenth century, solve problems, search for clues… and enjoy the 1886 mystery novel of Robert L. Stevenson.

9 – Best Detective Games Android: Layton Brothers’ Mystery Room

Step into the shoes of Professor Layton’s sons and try your hand in crime-solving and researching for cases in Britain’s investigation bureau, Scotland Yard.

top 10 detective games
Top 10 Detective Games: Layton Brothers’ Mystery Room

In this game, you would analyze the various crime scenes and find clues that would point to the culprit. Cross-examine the clues found to the witnesses and their statements to try to figure out the missing link. You would need to pay attention to details in this game – leave nothing untouched.

8 – Best Detective Games Android 2020: Tiny Room Stories - Town Mystery

Receiving a request from your father, you return to your old home only to find a dead empty town. In this game, you would get to explore the empty village, examine various details, and try to find a clue to solve the mystery. The game boasts full 3D levels that you can rotate around, along with a lot of intricate puzzles and exploration. The interactive environments and the twists and turns of the main story are also big selling points.

best detective games android 2020
Best Detective Games Android 2020: Tiny Room Stories - Town Mystery

7 – Best Detective Games For Android: Mystic Code - Choose your Path

Solve the mystery of a murder – with a twist: this time, the world you are living in is a mystical one, with Humans and Mythical Creatures living with each other as a community. To protect the peaceful town – you have to find the culprit and figure out the truth before an uproar happens.

detective games best
Detective Game Best: Mystic Code - Choose your Path

Step into the shoes of the Mystic Investigation team – your job is to thread the cases of the past and figure out the connections between them and the current murder. There would be different endings based on your choices.

6 – Top Detective Games For Android: I Am Innocent

The serial killer who murdered your sister has surfaced again and is currently murdering innocents. You have to take revenge for her, figure out the culprit, and prevent more people from getting killed.

top detective games for android
Top detective games for Android: I Am Innocent

In this game, you would play the role of a detective: tapping phone calls, hacking computers, investigate the murder scenes, and analyze photographs – in order to get to the truth behind everything. As you maneuver through the story, your ethics would be tested thoroughly, and only by choosing the right options could you uncover the true identity of the killer.

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5 – Best Detective Games Android: Sentence

Young girls in a small town are disappearing - kidnapped and murdered. A former police officer is arrested. In Sentence, you have to navigate through the politics, friendships, relationships and discover clues to catch the real killer. The choices that you make in the game would affect the ending.

best detective games android
Best Detective Games Android: Sentence

4 – Best Detective Games For Android: Detectives Club

Become the best detective ever – in this game, you would follow the path to become a true sleuth once case at a time. Similar to the other games on this list, the only way that you would be able to get to the bottom of the case is to investigate everything. The game is played in real-time in order to add another layer of challenge.

top detective games for android
Top Detective Games for Android: Detectives Club

3 – Top Detective Games For Android: Dark Things

Dark Things, while being a detective game, is following a slightly more comical approach than the others in its genre. The game is filled to the brim with humor – you would find yourself laughing at the dialogues while looking for clues.

detective games best
Detective games best: Dark Things

The 2D pixelated graphics actually give the game an old school vibe – a great contrast to its modern way of storytelling.

2 – Best Detective Games For Android: Dead Man's Phone: Interactive Crime Drama

The twist this time is the phone you have acquired from the crime scene of the murder. You have to investigate the victim’s phone and figure out the clues about the culprit. Your choices throughout the game would impact the story and the ending – prepare to face moral dilemmas that would test your ethics, both as a person and detective.

best detective games android 2020
Best Detective Games Android 2020: Dead Man's Phone: Interactive Crime Drama

1 – Best Detective Games Android 2020: Murder Mystery - Detective Investigation Story

The reason Murder Mystery is the best detective game for Android is probably its sheer size and nature of being a combination of all the good aspects that the other series have. Explore London and solve a number of serial cases – you would again have to engage in realistic dialogues to learn more about everything – the victim, the crime, and its circumstances.

Top 10 detective games for android
Top 10 Detective Games for Android: Murder Mystery - Detective Investigation Story

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