By now, it's widely known that Honkai: Star Rail contains numerous undisclosed accomplishments that can unexpectedly emerge. Explorers are even uncovering concealed missions in Xianzhou Luofu, the final accessible world until the arrival of version 2.0. However, some achievements manage to surprise players more than others.

From a portal swirling down a digital toilet to sudden whims leading to valuable treasures, Honkai: Star Rail offers a plethora of amusing accomplishments that motivate even the most idle explorers to embark on a hunt for laughter. Additionally, acquiring these achievements rewards players with Stellar Jades, which can be utilized to unlock new characters.

1. Lost & Found (And Alternatives)

These three potential achievements provide players with distinct choices to shape the characterization of their Trailblazer. In addition to the usual amusing titles for achievements, the dialogue in this hidden quest line is also quite entertaining.

Lost And Found
Lost & Found (And Alternatives)

Trailblazers confront a fraudulent weapons dealer after discovering an inconspicuous weapon in Xianzhou Luofo. During the verbal confrontation, players have the option to either surrender or outsmart the scammer. However, players will not receive the achievement until they visit the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery in the Exalting Sanctum. There, players can earn the achievements "Leave It There," "Lost And Found," or "Have Your Cake And Eat It" depending on the amount of credits they claim to have lost.

2. Xianzhou Luofu Competitive Eater Championship

Due to the multitude of playful actions available to players in Honkai: Star Rail, the Trailblazer is often perceived as a character characterized by amusing impulsiveness. All three achievements that Trailblazers can acquire in the Xianzhou Luofo Competitive Eater Championship align with this chaotic portrayal.

Xianzhou Luofu Competitive Eater Champion Honkai S
Xianzhou Luofu Competitive Eater Championship

To participate in the competition, Trailblazers must engage in a conversation with the food stall owner at Central Starskiff Haven in Xianzhou Luofo. From there, players are presented with a series of choices that can lead them to win through fair means, cheat their way to victory, or simply pass out. These achievements, depending on the player's choice, include:

  • Let's eat. Let's eat!: Trailblazers succumb to exhaustion and earn the From Hero to Zero achievement.
  • Pass your buns to someone else!: Trailblazers employ cheating tactics, emerge victorious, and obtain the All Is Fair in Love and War achievement.
  • I really can't consume any more...: Trailblazers secure a graceful victory, earning the Fair and Square achievement.

3. 50 Credits!?

This serves as a prime example of hidden depths that captivate players and turn them into fans. The achievement "50 Credits!?" is easily overlooked due to the quest markers' unique nature. These markers manifest as hand-drawn wanted posters scattered around Belobog, featuring Sampo and the Astral Express crew. In total, Trailblazers can collect seven posters, which include childlike sketches of all four wanted characters and three shoujo manga-style illustrations of everyone except the Trailblazer.

All Wanted Posters Location In Honkai Star Rail
50 Credits!?

Through a bit of investigation, it is revealed that these drawings were meticulously crafted by Silvermane Intelligence Officer Pela and Captain Gepard. Pela, an avid romance novel enthusiast and an exceptional fan artist, has produced what the Trailblazer describes as "magnificent portraits." On the other hand, Gepard is taken aback by how "wild" both Pela and the Trailblazer perceive his own artwork to be.

4. The Kelly Gang

With an astonishingly unexpected title, the achievement known as "The Kelly Gang" can be acquired through amusing impulsiveness, to the extent that even the narration questions it. Furthermore, this achievement cleverly incorporates the usage of "Praise of High Morals," an item obtained by Trailblazers through a series of quests.

The Kelly Gang
The Kelly Gang

To check off this achievement from their list, Trailblazers must make their way to the wishing fountain in the Administrative District. Opting for the third choice allows Trailblazers to fish out a treasure from the fountain, using the ironically fitting "Praise of High Morals." At this point, the narration playfully compares the well to ancient treasure tombs, while Trailblazers receive a rather underwhelming reward of three modest pieces of Solid Water.

5. Winter City Trap

Prior to confronting the guardian Svarog in the Underworld, Trailblazers are required to acquire three certifications from robots stationed outside his base. While the final certification can only be obtained through a battle, the first two certifications must be obtained by successfully completing quizzes. To find the answers to these quiz questions, Trailblazers need to explore the vagrant camp located outside Svarog's base.

Winter City Trap
Winter City Trap

One of these quizzes has an answer that lies with a camp member named Eunice. Engaging in a conversation with her reveals that she is actually 88 Degrees Bedrock, the reigning champion of the Internal Combustion Engine Rap Tournament. Interacting with Eunice allows players to enjoy amusing, fully-voiced rap performances and earn the achievement Winter City Trap.

6. Sweet Pom-Pom O'Mine

It is evident that some fans hold a deep affection for Pom-Pom, the conductor of the Astral Express, to the extent that they engage in playful debates about the mascot's gender. The game itself holds a fondness for Conductor Pom-Pom, and this achievement serves as one of many affectionate jokes that pay homage to the character.

Sweet Pom Pom O Mine
Sweet Pom-Pom O'Mine

To discover this achievement, Trailblazers need to revisit Belobog's Qlipoth Fort and interact with the large, golden Armillary Sphere located next to Seele. Upon thoroughly exploring the globe, they will stumble upon a patch of land that resembles the exact shape of Pom-Pom. The Trailblazer playfully entertains the idea that it is a stamp left behind by the Aeon Akivili, creating a lighthearted connection. While presented as a jest, players with an appreciation for the game's lore may find delight in this casual reference to the deceased creator of the Astral Express.

7. For Ages 12 And Up

Within the Underworld, not just one, but two tournaments are hosted. Players have the opportunity to participate in the time-limited challenge known as the Boulder Town Super League, running from May 19 to June 6. On the other hand, the Dark Fist Tournament is a permanent and concealed quest that Trailblazers can engage in whenever they wish.

Dark Fist Tournament Rock Paper Scissors Rewards A
For Ages 12 And Up

To embark on the Dark Fist Tournament, Trailblazers must first locate the elusive invitation to the event. Once in possession of the invitation, they must seek out the enigmatic Mysterious Kid. Presenting the invitation to the child leads Trailblazers to a group of kids who they must defeat in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Aside from the enticing rewards that can benefit players early in the game, they are also treated to a charming and brief quest where children display their earnestness and dedication to rock-paper-scissors and secret groups in the unique manner that only children can.

8. Door To A New World

The title of this achievement cleverly alludes to the comedic isekai trope of heroes being transported to another world in absurd ways. Acquiring this achievement involves following a questline that Trailblazers may easily overlook if they fail to thoroughly explore their surroundings.

Door To A New World Teleporting Toilet
Door To A New World

At the center of this questline is the peculiar curio called the "Door to A New World," a toilet-shaped item found in Herta's collection. Trailblazers who defy the warning affixed to its ceramic surface will discover the true reason behind its fitting name. Upon flushing the toilet for the first time, every Trailblazer is transported to the Master Control Zone. However, subsequent uses of the toilet will teleport them to various locations throughout the Herta Space Station.

9. Who Moved My Pokeball? (& All Trotter Achievements)

Warp Trotters, described as "sweet in taste" but "inedible," serve as Star Rail's rare and golden mobs. Comparable to Persona's Golden Shadows, Warp Trotters swiftly attempt to escape once Trailblazers engage them. However, unlike Golden Shadows, defeating Warp Trotters unlocks achievements with amusing names.

Warp Trotter Honkai Star Rail
Who Moved My Pokeball?

When Trailblazers unlock the achievement "Who Moved My Pokeball?," it may come as a surprise. Unfortunately, this reference only extends to the name, as Trailblazers cannot raise Warp Trotters like traditional monsters. Nonetheless, players can earn the following Warp Trotter achievements through sufficient interaction:

  1. Tindalos Piggy: Capture a Warp Trotter for the first time.
  2. Phase ATM: Capture 10 Warp Trotters.
  3. Who Moved My Pokeball?: Capture a Warp Trotter in the Simulated Universe.
  4. A Porcine Football Team: Capture 66 Warp Trotters in the Simulated Universe.
  5. Don't Let It Get Away!: Allow a Warp Trotter to escape in the Simulated Universe.

10. Trashy Humor

The hidden achievement called "Trashy Humor" takes the game's ongoing joke about trash cans to a new level. Unlike the other achievement related to trash, called "Diogenes' Utopia," players need to go beyond just chatting with trash cans to obtain this achievement. Firstly, they must unlock the Punitive Food recipe from Amo, an NPC novelist who roams around the Administrative District in Belobog. Once this is accomplished, Trailblazers can partake in the popular player activity of interacting with trash cans and destroyable objects to discover a minimum of 10 pieces of trash.

Honkai Star Rail Trashy Humor Achievement
Trashy Humor

Following that, by purchasing 10 basic ingredients from the Administrative District Shop, Trailblazers can synthesize 10 Punitive Foods. This action automatically unlocks the "Trashy Humor" achievement and rewards them with valuable Stellar Jades.

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