In addition to the well-known Trailblaze, Companion, and Adventure Quests, Honkai: Star Rail contains numerous concealed Missions. While some are easily discoverable or connected to other Quests, others lack any indicators, requiring players to thoroughly search in order to activate these hidden Missions.

The issue lies in the fact that, unlike regular Quests in Honkai: Star Rail where the next location is known, hidden Missions do not provide such convenience. Trailblazers must interact with various characters to gather hints regarding the next Quest location. Moreover, finding certain requested items can be challenging due to the absence of clues. The majority of rewards for these hidden Missions are Shields, which can be used to purchase items from the World Shop.

Hidden Quest #1

Fix the dumpster found slightly south of the Food Stall in Boulder Town to get one Praise of High Morals.

Broken Dumpster Location In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #1

Hidden Quest #2

Within the Administrative District, multiple Mailboxes can be found. These Mailboxes offer two choices: either push the jammed mail to receive a Praise of High Morals or collect it and hand it over to Manya for "sending" (which actually involves either throwing it in the trash or keeping it for herself). Opting for the latter grants a reward of 1,000 Credits.

Unsent Letters From Mailbox In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #2

Hidden Quest #3

Hide in the closet of Goethe Hotel and scare the room service to get a Praise of High Morals.

The Hotel Closet In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #3

Hidden Quest #4

Review the Grand Goethe Hotel by interacting with the paper on the desk inside the Cheap Room. Give the review to Gertie and receive Praise of High Morals, 20 Shield, and Yucky Fried Rice Recipe.

Reviewing Hotel In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #4

Hidden Quest #5

Located directly to the south of the Golden Theater Space Anchor in the Administrative District, there exists a sewer hole. Interact with it and engage in conversation with Michel to obtain a portion of Shield.

Manhole Location In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #5

Hidden Quest #6

Upon gathering the chests situated in Boulder Town, proceed towards the eastern direction of the Goethe Grand Hotel and engage in conversation with the enigmatic woman positioned beside the two chests. Unveil the Basic Treasure to obtain the valuable Dazzling Rainbowite, and subsequently hand over this item to the Appraiser positioned southeast of the Goethe Grand Hotel waypoint. As a result, Trailblazers will be rewarded with a Praise of High Morals along with 10,000 Credits.

What To Do With Dazzling Rainbowite In Honkai Star
Quest #6

Hidden Quest #7

Interact with the phone booth west of the Golden Theater Space Anchor and speak with the Rightful Right Society. Exhaust the dialogue option to get 20 Shield.

Rightful Right Society In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #7

Hidden Quest #8

To access Bronya's office, make your way northeast from the Central Plaza Waypoint towards the Qlipoth Fort. Approach the desk in Bronya's office and select the option "I am chaos incarnate!" to acquire the recipe for the High-Tech Protective Gear.

Messing With Bronya Desk In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #8

Hidden Quest #9

Engage in a conversation with Antonia and choose the option "I'm looking for some EXTRA DOUGH. You know what I mean?" to obtain the 80% New Thermal Mining Pickaxe. Utilize this pickaxe on the crystals located to the north of the Overlook waypoint in the Great Mine, resulting in the acquisition of a Perfect Geomarrow Crystal. Hand over this crystal to Antonia and enjoy rewards of 8,000 Credits and 20 Shields. It is also feasible to demand and receive 10,000 Credits if players so desire.

Perfect Geomarrow Crystal Location In Honkai Star
Quest #9

Players are required to opt for a moderate level of strength when striking. Opting to strike with maximum force will result in the Pickaxe breaking, but players need not worry as they can return to Antonia to obtain a 60% New Thermal Mining Pickaxe for a second opportunity.

Hidden Quest #10

Access the Fight Club and engage in conversation with the two individuals positioned in the corner who express their desire for a picture of Dan Heng. Approach the Cold Dragon Young and acquire a photo from them, which can then be given to the fans. Upon doing so, players will be rewarded with a Praise of High Morals. It is an option to offer the photo for free or request a payment of 3,000 Credits in exchange.

How To Get Dan Heng Photo In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #10

Hidden Quest #11

Similar to the previous Quest in Honkai: Star Rail, speak with the girl outside of Serval’s shop to trigger the Mission. Go inside and take a photo of Serval then offer it to the girl to get 20 Shield.

Serval Fan Location In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #11

Hidden Quest #12

Explore the telephone booth situated to the south of the Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Abundance in Backwater Pass. Following the unsettling phone call, proceed to the underground Fight Club and unlock the safe by entering the code 0213. This action will conclude the Call from Fragmentum Hidden Quest, rewarding Trailblazers with 20 Shields.

Call From Fragmentum Quest In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #12

Hidden Quest #13

By interacting with every door at the Goethe Hotel, two strange girls will appear and invite players to play with them… forever. On the bright side, players will earn 20 Shield.

Strange Twin Sisters In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #13

Hidden Quest #14

Find a car before the stairs to the Golden Theater in the Administrative District and investigate to find a Derisive Resident. He'll hand 5000 Credits and 20 Shields to avoid getting a ticket.

Derisive Resident Shield Reward Honkai Star Rail
Quest #14

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