While exploring Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail, Trailblazers will come across a multitude of hidden quests. These quests come in varying levels of difficulty and offer different rewards. Some may only reward players with Strale, while others may grant them collectibles such as books and Praise of High Morals.

In Honkai: Star Rail, Strale is the currency used in Xianzhou Luofu. Trailblazers can exchange it at the Jeweler's Pagoda. Additionally, players can purchase four Fire Eidolons for the Trailblazer from the World Shop using this currency.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all hidden quests in the Xianzhou Luofu.

Hidden Quest #1

Xianzhou Loufu Trading Quest Dirty Mechanical Part
Quest #1

Once Trailblazers investigate the table at the Jeweler's Pagoda in Honkai: Star Rail, they will trigger the Trading Quest. As a result of the investigation, they will obtain a Dirty Mechanical Part which they must then give to the Frowning Young Man who can be found in front of the World Shop. Eventually, players will be rewarded with a Bottle of Draconic Tears that they can use in exchange with an IPC Specialist.

Hidden Quest #2

Xianzhou Loufu The Seven Errors Of Cycranes Hidden
Quest #2

The second hidden quest in HSR is called The Seven Errors of Cycranes. In order to begin this quest, Trailblazers must first find the Depressed Cycrane, located on the northern bridge of the Starskiff Central Haven, and report its location to Ziqiao, who is located north of the Starskiff Jetty Waypoint. Once this is done, the Heron Express Specialist will task Trailblazers with finding seven lost Cycranes scattered throughout Xianzhou Luofu. In return for completing this task, players will receive rewards such as 70 Strale, 20 Stellar Jades, and other valuable items.

Hidden Quest #3

Xianzhou Loufu Basic Treasure Hidden Quest In Honk
Quest #3

Located next to Yanming in Honkai: Star Rail is the Basic Treasure which contains 10 Strale and the recipe for the Ruby Potion. However, in order to open the treasure and claim these rewards, Trailblazers must find Xikui inside the Palace of Astrum and persuade her to send Yanming away on a task. This is necessary to bypass the strict orders of the Guild Ambassador, who has prohibited anyone from touching anything in the area. Once Yanming has been sent away, Trailblazers can proceed to open the treasure and collect the rewards.

Hidden Quest #4

Xianzhou Loufu Letter Location In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #4

In Honkai: Star Rail, players can explore the area south of the Palace of Astrum and investigate a letter. They can then send a reply to the letter's owner. However, to receive a response, they must either wait until the following day or teleport away from the area and return. As a reward for completing this task, players will receive 10 Strale.

Hidden Quest #5

Xianzhou Loufu Scroll Hidden Quest Location In Hon
Quest #5

East of the Starskiff Waypoint, interact with the scroll on a table to obtain 10 Strale.

Hidden Quest #6

Talking to the Immortal Vase northeast of the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery for two days will give players some rewards in Honkai: Star Rail.

Xianzhou Loufu Immortal In A Vase Hidden Quest In
Quest #6

Hidden Quest #7

Investigating the Delivery Boxes scattered around the Starskiff Central Chancery may gift players Praise of High Morals, if they were wise with their choices.

Xianzhou Loufu Delivery Boxes Location In Honkai S
Quest #7


Hidden Quest #8

If players walk past Kai on the southwestern Jetty from the Trove of Verdure Space Anchor in Honkai: Star Rail, they will trigger a hidden quest. This quest will span over three days and will require players to solve four Navigation Compass puzzles each day.

Cloudford Hidden Quest Location In Honkai Star Rai
Quest #8

Upon successfully completing all the puzzles, players will be rewarded with Treasures and may also trigger another hidden quest. The additional quests will appear on the following days:

Day 2: A mysterious woman will appear inside the Starkiff cargo and provide an Access Code for the Chest before departing from the Jetty. Day 3: The special cargo on day 3 contains a character called That Teacher, who will request players to help Yujin find some clothes.

Hidden Quest #9

In Honkai: Star Rail, once players have solved all the Xianzhou Luofu Hexanexus puzzles, the Hexanexus club will send them a message. The message will be in the form of a survey that Trailblazers must answer to provide feedback on their puzzle-solving experience.

Xianzhou Loufu Hexanexus V2 In Honkai Star Rail
Quest #9

If players wait until the next day, another set of puzzles will appear for them to solve. The Hexanexus 2.0 puzzles will be located in the same areas as the previous ones and are designed to be even more challenging for players.

Hidden Quest #10

In Honkai: Star Rail, players should speak with the owner about the Competitive Eater Championship and select "I'm in!" to participate. The owner will then advise players to engage in a "diplomacy" stage by talking to the other competitors, but this step can be skipped without consequence.

Xianzhou Luofu Competitive Eater Location Star Rai
Quest #10

To win the Xianzhou Luofu Competitive Eater Championship, players must choose "Drink as much as you want!" when prompted. Then, on the final option, each choice will lead to a different achievement:

  • "Let's eat. Let's eat!": results in the "From Hero to Zero" achievement (losing)
  • "Place your buns over to someone else!": results in the "All Is Fair in Love and War" achievement (winning)
  • "I really can't eat anymore...": results in the "Fair and Square" achievement (winning)

Hidden Quest #11

Honkai Star Rail How To Get Flight Cancelled Achie
Quest #11

In Honkai: Star Rail, players should go to the designated location to find a Strange Lady who is flipping a coin. Depending on the outcome of the coin toss, players will receive either the Flight Cancelled or The Crimes That Bind Achievement, as well as some Strale.

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