Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe is an extremely challenging aspect of the game that puts players' abilities and strategic thinking to the test. Each world in the Simulated Universe offers players distinctive encounters with bosses, each possessing their own mechanics and capabilities. In order to overcome these difficult adversaries, players must meticulously plan their tactics, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the bosses. This necessitates a thorough comprehension of their characters' abilities and the interactions between team members. By effectively navigating the Simulated Universe, players not only experience a greater sense of satisfaction but also get to experiment with various character combinations and team compositions, which can further enhance their gameplay experience in Honkai: Star Rail.

Upon reaching World 5 in the Simulated Universe, players will face a considerable escalation in difficulty. This particular world is intended for players who have attained higher Equilibrium levels and often necessitates characters with levels of 60 or above. Despite the daunting level of challenge, numerous players are excited to take on World 5 because of the valuable resources it offers and the opportunity to obtain potent Planar Artifacts for their characters. The good news is that, with astute character investment, even those with entirely free-to-play teams can conquer the challenges and successfully clear World 5, even with characters at level 50. While it may require careful planning and the strategic utilization of character strengths, the sense of accomplishment derived from overcoming this demanding content is well worth the effort.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Kafka
Kafka can mind control your team

Simulated Universe World 5 Best Team Compositions

Kafka is particularly susceptible to Physical, Wind, and Imaginary elements. During the initial phase of the battle, she employs rapid attacks and seeks support from her allies. To counter her effectively, players should prioritize characters with the ability to swiftly penetrate her defenses using these elemental categories and eliminate her allies as quickly as possible. Although Kafka is not vulnerable to fire, characters such as Asta, who offer speed boosts, can be valuable team members. F2P characters like Dan Heng or Physical Trailblazer can be relied upon to inflict damage and dismantle shields, allowing the rest of the team to concentrate on providing support for the primary DPS.

Best F2P Team Composition

Honkai Star Rail F2p Team Simulated Universe World
Best F2P Team Composition
  • Dan Heng: Focuses on DPS and toughness break
  • Asta: Raises speed of team members to avoid Kafka from attacking too often.
  • Fire Trailblazer: Provides additional protection against strong attacks and synergizes with Asta to chip away HP from the enemies
  • Natasha: - Healing and Toughness break whenever possible.

Non-F2P Optimal Characters

Honkai Star Rail Optimal Characters Simulated Univ
Non-F2P Optimal Characters

Having access to certain characters can make the battle against Kafka easier in specific aspects:


As the only Imaginary character currently available in the game, Welt is a distinct addition. Not only can he assist in breaking Kafka's toughness, but he can also serve as a valuable sub-DPS character. With his nihility path, he can debuff the enemy, significantly slowing down Kafka and making the battle much more manageable.


Sushang is an excellent 4-star physical DPS character and the best 4-star option for this particular battle. She can consistently deal high damage to Kafka while exploiting her vulnerabilities. Players with access to Sushang may consider swapping out Dan Heng for her, as she can provide even more effective damage output and contribute to the battle against Kafka.


Clara is exceptional in the fight against Kafka, capable of dealing significant damage while also functioning as a reliable tank. Her follow-up attacks provide valuable additional damage output. However, players must prepare for this battle by considering specific blessings and ensuring team synergy to fully unlock Clara's potential. In the meantime, characters such as Sushang and Dan Heng can be utilized in a more versatile manner for this encounter.


Bronya is a flexible support character capable of substituting for Asta. While she typically requires a substantial investment of skill points to maintain her buffs, which may impact the overall skill point management of the team, she can still contribute by gradually reducing Kafka's toughness meter when she is unable to provide buffs.

In conclusion, players can switch characters based on their available options and experiment with various team compositions to discover the most suitable playstyle for them.

Best Path and Blessings for Simulated Universe World 5

Due to the difficulty of the battle against Kafka and the possibility of players being underleveled, it is strongly recommended to use the Abundance Path, as it provides consistent healing throughout the fight. Since healers like Natasha and Bailu may not be enough on their own, players should also use blessings from other paths to balance their defensive playstyle with maximum damage output. F2P compositions can benefit from Preservation blessings, while those using Dan Heng or Sushang may find Hunt blessings helpful. For players who have Welt, Nihility blessings can be advantageous. Specific blessings from the Destruction path can also enhance Clara's damage potential and resilience, preventing her from being knocked out.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Abundance Bles
Best Path and Blessings

To effectively counter Kafka's debuff and alleviate negative statuses of characters, it is recommended that players choose The Abundance Resonance Formation - Anicca. This formation prioritizes survivability over high DPS and reduces the need for heavy damage output, allowing characters to avoid taking too much damage as the turns pass by. Although the battle may take longer, it guarantees better survivability. Here are some blessings that can be incorporated into the strategy:

  • Dispel Disaster (The Abundance)
  • Precious Moon-Like Candlelight (The Abundance)
  • Clear Lucite Body (The Abundance)
  • Victorious Force (The Abundance)
  • Celestial Annihilation (The Hunt)
  • Archery Duel (The Hunt)
  • Ejecting the Borisin (The Hunt)
  • Thundering Chariot (The Hunt)
  • Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (The Nihility)
  • Burst (The Preservation)

These blessings provide primarily defensive benefits such as healing and advancing capabilities. The selection of other blessings will largely depend on the player's luck and team composition. The Abundance Resonance alone can provide sufficient healing support, making it possible for teams to tackle Kafka in auto-duel. Players may also consider upgrading these blessings, particularly the Abundance blessings, to enhance the healing output and create a more effective strategy.

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