Honkai: Star Rail provides numerous opportunities for players to explore each map and discover chests and Warp Trotters. However, the game's appeal goes beyond simply finding loot as it offers a range of quests and hidden interactions that add depth to the game's narrative and provide players with opportunities to obtain additional rewards such as Stellar Jade, achievements, and world currencies. These quests and interactions provide a fun way for players to engage with the game's world, elevating Honkai: Star Rail to an immersive experience.

Honkai Star Rail How To Get All Seven Errors Of Cy
Seven Errors of Cycranes Secret Achievements

One example of such a quest is the secret mission available in The Xianzhou Luofu, which requires players to locate the 7 missing postal service birds, known as the Cycranes, for the Heron Express. Each bird possesses a distinct personality and requires players to engage in mini-interactions to persuade them to return to work. Interestingly, each bird represents one of the 7 Sins, and players must explore the entire area and solve various puzzles to complete the quest. Upon completion, players can receive rewards such as Stellar Jades, 8 Achievements, and Strales, which can be utilized to redeem items from the World store faster. For players who encounter difficulty locating all the birds, a guide is available that displays all the necessary locations and interactions required to solve the quest since no in-game hints are provided. However, players can search for the birds in any order, except for the first Cycrane.

First Cycrane - Sloth

To activate the hidden quest, players need to first encounter a Depressed Crycrane located on the bridge of Central Starskiff Haven towards the upper right side of the map. Upon interacting with the bird, it will inform the player that it is no longer depressed and suggest that they speak with Ziqiao of Heron Express. Ziqiao can be found in the location mentioned below.

Honkai Star Rail Depressed Cycrane Sloth Map
Depressed Crycrane Location
Honkai Star Rail Ziqiao Map
Ziqiao Location

Once players talk to Ziqiao, they will notice an option related to the Depressed Cycrane, which will reveal that there are six more missing cycranes scattered across multiple maps. Players must find all of them. Upon completion of this interaction, players will receive the first achievement of the set, The Seven Errors of Crycranes: Sloth. As players locate each of the remaining Crycranes, Ziqiao will send humorous messages to update the player on their progress.

Second Cycrane - Envy

Finding the Resentful Cycrane is a challenging task as it is situated in a remote area compared to some of the other Crycranes, located in Central Starskiff Haven as indicated on the map below. After a brief interaction, this bird will provide players with a Logistic Navigation Map which can be accessed through the function button to locate it.

Honkai Star Rail Resentful Cycrane Envy Map
Resentful Cycrane first location
Honkai Star Rail Resentful Cycrane Envy Second Loc
Resentful Cycrane second location

However, it is essential to note that this map does not reflect the actual location of the bird. Once players move away from the designated location, they will receive a notification that the bird may have flown off the map. Therefore, the map is of no use, and players should instead search for the bird at the location provided below.

When players locate the bird, they can persuade it to return to work and earn The Seven Errors of Crycranes: Envy achievement.

Third Cycrane - Gluttony

To locate the Dissatisfied Cycrane, players must make their way to a distant shop in the Central Starskiff Haven, as shown on the map below.

Honkai Star Rail Dissatisfied Cycrane Gluttony Map
Dissatisfied Cycrane Location

The bird is camouflaged among toy cranes, and players can initiate a conversation by interacting with it. The bird will suggest a wager, challenging the player to answer a question to determine whether it is lying or telling the truth. Players can ask two questions to try and deduce the answer, but the outcome of the bet is inconsequential. Even if players lose, the bird will still return to the Heron Express, and they will be awarded The Seven Errors of Crycranes: Gluttony achievement.

Fourth Cycrane - Pride

The remaining Crycranes are no longer present at the Central Starskiff Haven. To locate the fourth crane, known as "Stonker," players must journey to the location indicated on the Exalting Sanctum map below.

Honkai Star Rail Cycrane With The Moniker Stonker
Stonker location

During the interaction with the bird, players will be presented with a question about how to divide Strales between two children based on their work speed. The correct answer is 5 Strales, as both children should receive the same pay for performing the same amount of work. Once players provide the correct answer, the bird will go back to the Heron Express, and they will receive The Seven Errors of Crycranes: Pride achievement as a reward.

Fifth Cycrane - Greed

Players can find the fifth Crycrane, also called the Crycrane with the nickname "Evil Dragon," by searching for it on top of some crates located in the Cloudford map F1, as shown below. Once players interact with the bird, it will request help to repair the Crycranes Abacus.

Honkai Star Rail Cycrane With The Moniker Evil Dra
Evil Dragon location

Afterwards, players can interact with the abacus and solve it by ensuring that there are two gaps between the two beads. This can be done by first moving one bead to the other side and then rotating both beads until they align with their respective positions. Once the puzzle is solved, players can ask the bird to return to the Heron Express and receive The Seven Errors of Crycranes: Greed achievement.

Sixth Cycrane - Lust

The Courteous Cycrane, which is the sixth bird, is called by that name due to its polite behavior. It is located in the Cloudford map, close to the Space Anchor teleport point in the bottom of F1, as indicated on the map below.

Honkai Star Rail Courteous Cycrane Lust Map
Courteous Cycrane Location

After players interact with this bird, they must follow it to the next location and defeat three rounds of enemies on the way. Once the enemies are defeated, players can continue to follow the bird and engage in a conversation about obtaining a photobook. Once the conversation is over, the Courteous Cycrane will accompany players back to the Heron Express and grant them The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Lust achievement.

Seventh Cycrane - Wrath

In order to discover the last Crycrane, also called the Brave Cycrane, players must travel to the Stargazer Navalia map and make their way towards the middle Space Anchor teleport point. If there is an obstacle in their way, players can use the controller to move the containers and make a clear path to find the bird.

Honkai Star Rail Courteous Brave Wrath Map
The last cycrane location

As with the Courteous Cycrane, players must defeat some enemies to persuade the Brave Cycrane to return to the Heron Express. If they succeed in doing so, they will receive The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Wrath achievement and will have successfully found all of the missing birds.

Honkai Star Rail Courteous Brave Wrath Location
Brave Cycrane

Return Back To Ziqiao For The Last Achievement

Players who return to Ziqiao, the location where they first encountered the NPC, will be rewarded with the 8th achievement, named Seven Birds in the Hand is Worth A Thousand in the Bush, as well as 5000 credits. In total, players will receive 8 achievements for finding all 7 crycranes, with each achievement awarding 5 Stellar Jade and 70 Strales.

Honkai Star Rail Ziqiao Location

Additionally, players will receive a text message on the following reset day from an unknown sender discussing the individual personalities and consciousness of these birds, although no further rewards will be granted for this interaction.

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