The mechanics and gameplay style of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail are both entertaining and invigorating. Every time players start a new game, they are presented with various possibilities, such as encountering different Blessings, Curios, and enemies, resulting in unique paths and outcomes.

Aside from the choices made within the Simulated Universe, players can also influence their experience before even entering the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. These decisions can significantly impact the gameplay inside the universe.

Tips For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Rai
Simulated Universe

1. Utilize Alt F4 to Save Your Progress

While playing through the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail, players run the risk of losing their progress if they lose a battle. One way to mitigate this is by obtaining the Laurel Crown of Planar Shifts Curio, which grants players protection from a single battle loss and considers it a victory (with the exception of boss battles).

Tip 1 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra
Alt F4 before defeat

However, the most effective way to ensure that players don't lose their progress during a Simulated Universe run is to exit the game entirely. Whether playing on a computer or mobile device, force-quitting the game will reset the player's progress to a moment before they initiated the battle. It is important to note that any pre-battle buffs and spent Technique Points will not be restored.

2. Proper Character Placement Is Crucial

In the Simulated Universe mode of Honkai: Star Rail, most bosses and enemies possess AoE attacks that can damage multiple allies at once. Typically, these attacks are aimed at a target and its adjacent units. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid placing squishy characters like Hunt or Erudition next to tanks. Tanks are typically taunt or have an increased chance of being targeted by enemies, and the resulting damage can harm the characters standing next to them.

Tip 2 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra
Character Placement

To avoid this, players should place their characters in the following order: Tank - Healer - Less Squishy Character - Most Squishy Character. By placing the most squishy character far from the Taunt unit, players can ensure that they are safe from the enemy's 3-target AoE hit.

3. The Simulated Universe is Adaptable

When selecting the initial four characters for a Simulated Universe run in Honkai: Star Rail, it's essential to remember that these units are not the only ones available. Throughout the run, players will have opportunities to access a couple of Downloaders to add more characters to their roster.

Tip 3 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra
Pause at any time

Moreover, players can change their lineup and equipment at any time, including Relics, weapons, and the Trailblazer's Path. It's crucial to note that inside the Simulated Universe, players can exit and save their progress, allowing them to continue the same SU run later. This feature enables players to farm resources to level up their equipment and characters if they need to.

4. Check Enemy Lineups Before Entering

Before entering any Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail, it's crucial to check the enemy lineups and prepare the appropriate characters for the run. For instance, if most enemies are vulnerable to Ice, then bringing Ice characters can prove to be effective.

Tip 4 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra
Enemy Lineups

Checking the enemy lineups also helps in planning which Path Resonance should be acquired to make it easier to navigate the Simulated Universe. Additionally, there are unique bosses and monsters like Kafka that require specific types of characters that can help against them. Therefore, it's essential to prepare the right characters and equipment before entering the Simulated Universe.

5. Strategize Your Blessings

One of the unique features of each Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail is the ability to collect a set of Blessings during the run. Players receive three Blessings to choose from equally divided among seven types, namely Preservation, Remembrance, Nihility, Abundance, Hunt, Destruction, and Elation, upon every victory. Each type of Blessing significantly alters the gameplay inside the Simulated Universe. For instance, going for more Preservation Blessings can be a defensive strategy for the Trailblazers, while focusing on Hunt Blessings can make the team more lethal. Thus, it's important to strategize and plan the Blessings that best fit the team's playstyle and objectives.

Tip 5 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra

In Honkai: Star Rail, Blessings come in different rarities and are categorized into seven types, each of which has a unique effect on the gameplay experience. Most victories grant players three 1-star Blessings, with a small chance of receiving a 2-star Blessing. 3-star Blessings are rare and are often rewarded for defeating Elite enemies or completing special events.

To maximize the benefits of Blessings, players should choose carefully and try to combine new Blessings with those they already have. Additionally, it's advisable to reset Blessings if none of the available options are useful or if players want to stack on one particular type of Blessing. Lastly, some Blessings may appear weak initially but can become very powerful when upgraded or used in conjunction with other effects.

6. Enhance Your Path Resonance

To enhance the Path Resonance, players should prioritize collecting Blessings of their chosen Path. It's also important to note that some Blessings are exclusive to a specific Path, so players should choose their Path carefully to maximize their chances of obtaining the desired Blessings.

Tip 6 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra
Path Resonance

Once enough Blessings are collected, players should invest in upgrading their Path Resonance and Resonance Formations. Upgrading Resonance Formations unlocks new and powerful effects, while upgrading Path Resonance itself increases its potency and decreases its cooldown.

Players can also change their Path at any time during the Simulated Universe run, but this will reset the progress towards the Path Resonance and Resonance Formations. Therefore, it's advisable to choose a Path early on and stick with it throughout the run to maximize the benefits of the Resonance System.

7. Don’t Hesitate To Spend Herta Bonds

It is recommended to use Herta Bonds without hesitation in Herta's Store, despite the limited options available. Herta's Store offers one of the rarest items in Honkai: Star Rail and players can obtain Herta Bonds by clearing any Simulated Universe for the first time or by meeting the weekly score. Since there is no other use for Herta Bonds, it's best to spend them in the store. Additionally, players can earn more Herta Bonds every week, making it inevitable to exhaust the store of all its items.

Tip 7 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra
Herta shop

8. Careful Of Bad Curio

In Honkai: Star Rail, while most Curios have beneficial effects, some may have negative ones that players need to be careful of. These negative effects can occur due to specific instances, such as entering a spider lair or obtaining a negative Curio along with the Cosmic Fragment. For instance, Curios like the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock will put a random ally in danger of being constantly attacked by enemies, while the Perpetual Motion Cuckoo Clock can hinder the saving of Cosmic Fragments. In some cases, Curios may offer both advantages and disadvantages, like the Galactic Big Lotto, which gives players a chance to receive extra Curios but can also cause the entire team to lose 99% of their HP.

Tip 8 For The Simulated Universe In Honkai Star Ra

However, players should always obtain the Broken Code Curio, even though it initially has negative effects. This is because after three battles, the disadvantage of the Broken Code Curio will turn into a useful advantage for the entire Simulated Universe run. The Broken Code Curio is always found in a room with three enemies, allowing players to fix it before proceeding to the next room.

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