Known for his sophistication and intelligence as the former Anti-Entropy Sovereign, Welt has saved the Earth from destruction multiple times. He is a crucial team member who specializes in debuffing enemies, making them easier to defeat. In battles, he can immobilize and slow down enemies, creating opportunities for his teammates to strike. Although he deals significant damage, his primary role is to provide utility. This guide focuses on showcasing the best builds for Welt.

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Honkai: Star Rail - Welt

Honkai Star Rail Welt Character Review

Welt is a debuffer who excels at slowing down enemies and delaying their turns to control the battlefield, while also dealing bonus damage against those who are slowed. His talent allows him to deal additional damage to slowed enemies, making him a versatile source of damage. His skill hits three times and has a chance to slow enemies, while his ultimate summons a black hole to damage all enemies and delay their actions.

With his traces, Welt becomes even more effective, increasing the damage received by afflicted targets and dealing extra damage to weakness broken enemies. He is a flexible unit who can switch between crowd control, damage dealing, SP generation, and damage amplification. The only thing that can stop him is enemies with immunity to Imprisonment. Welt is the only Imaginary character available at launch, making him a powerful asset against Imaginary weak enemies.

Best Skills and Passives

Welt is a versatile character in Honkai: Star Rail with numerous powerful abilities. His Gravitational Imprisonment Technique creates a dimension lasting for 15 seconds that significantly reduces enemy Movement SPD by 50%. Enemies who engage in battle in this dimension are guaranteed to be imprisoned for one turn, experiencing a 20% delay in their actions and a 10% reduction in SPD. It is important to note that only one ally-created dimension can be active at a time.

Welt's slow debuff is highly effective.

In terms of offensive capabilities, Welt's Gravity Suppression basic attack deals 50% of his ATK as imaginary damage to a single enemy. His Edge of the Void skill first strikes a single enemy with 36% of his ATK as imaginary damage, followed by two additional hits to random enemies, each dealing 36% of his ATK as imaginary damage. If the attack successfully connects, there is a 65% chance of reducing the enemy's SPD by 10 for two turns.

Welt's ultimate, Synthetic Black Hole, is a powerful ability granted to him by the Honkai: Star Rail developers. It inflicts imaginary damage equal to 90% of his ATK on all opponents and guarantees 1-turn imprisonment for enemies hit, resulting in a 32% delay in their actions and a 10% reduction in SPD.

The character's passive talent, Time Distortion, further enhances his abilities by allowing him to deal extra imaginary damage equal to 30% of his ATK to already slowed enemies, making him an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Best Light Cones

To select the appropriate Light Cone for the Nihility character Welt in Honkai: Star Rail, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of his abilities. Firstly, Welt's abilities are designed to complement his stats, allowing him to deal damage effectively. Secondly, he heavily relies on the Effect Hit Rate to win matches. While the game features various light cones, the developers have created one specifically tailored to Welt's gameplay style, called "In The Name of the World."

Honkai Star Rail Huong Dan Build Welt Debuffer Gay

This Light Cone enhances the wearer's damage to debuffed enemies by 24% and boosts the Effect Hit Rate for their skills by 18%. It also increases the wearer's ATK by 24% when using their skills. For Welt, this Light Cone is the perfect fit, enhancing his damage output and debuff contribution to the team.

Acquiring a 5-star Honkai Light Cone as a secondary option can be challenging since they are rare. Therefore, it is essential to have a viable 4-star substitute for Welt. Equipping Welt with the 4-star Light Cone "Good Night and Sleep Well" from The Nihility Path is highly beneficial. It increases the wearer's damage by 12 to 24% for up to three stacks for each targeted enemy's debuff, including damage over time. Since Welt excels at debuffing enemies, this Light Cone complements his abilities effectively.

Best Relics and Ornaments

It's crucial to choose the right Relic and Ornament sets and prioritize the appropriate stats to optimize Welt's performance in Honkai: Star Rail. For Welt, the "Wastelander of Banditry Desert" relic set is custom-made to offer several advantages in battle. Equipping two pieces of this set boosts Imaginary Damage by 10%, while the four-piece set provides additional benefits when attacking debuffed enemies. It also increases the wearer's CRIT Rate by 10% and their CRIT DMG by 20% against Imprisoned enemies.

In the early stages of the game, the "Thief of Shooting Meteor" is a viable alternative relic set for Welt. Equipping all four pieces of this set boosts Break Effect by 16%, while the four-piece set effect increases the wearer's Break Effect by another 16%. Additionally, the wearer regenerates 3 Energy when they apply Weakness Break to an enemy.

For Honkai: Star Rail ornaments for Welt, the top priority should be the "Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise" set. Equipping this set increases the wearer's Break Effect by 16%, and if their SPD exceeds 145, it receives an additional 20% boost. The secondary ornament should be the "Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Set," which increases the wearer's Effect Hit Rate by 10% and their ATK by up to 25% based on the Effect Hit Rate, with a maximum cap of 25%.

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