Mobile Gaming in India has grown exponentially this year. Due to the restriction of COVID 19, people are spending more time online on their phones than ever before. Based on recent reports from famous app analytics firm Annie, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have ruled the Indian market in 2020.

Pubg Mobile Vs Free Fire Don Thuan Chi La Tua Game

In this article, we would analyze the top 10 and try to find out the various trends behind the games.

Top 10 Highest-earning mobile games in India in 2020

  1. Free Fire
  2. PUBG Mobile
  3. Coin Master
  4. Teen Patti
  5. Clash of Clans
  6. Call of Duty Mobile
  7. Teen Patti Gold
  8. Lords Mobile
  9. Candy Crush Saga
  10. GardenScapes-New Acres

Didn't they ban PUBG Mobile in September?

While PUBG Mobile was certainly banned in India since September, the server ban kicks in much later after that - in November. Overall, they have only missed one month of revenue. The ban screwed up a lot of Indian players, some have invested a huge amount of money into the game.

Pubg Mobile Ban In India

The ban on PUBG Mobile has boosted Free Fire to number one on the chart - and it is likely to remain that way for the time being.

Which games on this list are worth playing outside of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire?

Overall, this top 10 is filled with the usual suspects - some of the game here has stayed on the top for years.

Coin Master
Coin Master is a free single-player game
  • Coin Master is a builder/puzzle game launched back in 2015. In this game, you would get to join millions of players around the world in attacks, spins and raids to build your Viking village.
  • Teen Patti and Teen Patti Gold are cards game by Octro, one of India's top mobile gaming dev.
  • Candy Crush and Gardenscapes are puzzle games... while Lords Mobile and Clash of Clans are base-building games. Call of Duty Mobile is the last famous mobile shooter in the Indian market.

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