For beginners who have just gotten into Free Fire, they must feel very overwhelmed with everything in the game, how to control your character, how to win in fights,... So today, we are going to give you these 3 super simple tips that you need to know to get started in Free Fire.

1. Customize your controls

If you are just beginning to play Free Fire, it is very important to customize your controls. The Fire button and the Moving button are the two most important buttons and they need to be in a place where you can comfortably reach and use all the time.

3 Easy Tips To Get Started In Free Fire Free Fire

You also would want to leave the Aim Precision setting to Default to hit your enemies easier.

2. Practice in Training mode

When you reach Level 5 in Free Fire, you will be able to access Training mode, which allows you to try all weapons, vehicles in Free Fire. You can also fight against other players and revive immediately when you are down. I recommend you to use the MP40 in close-range combat and the M4A1 for long-range combats.

Other than that, there are also some very funny bugs in this mode that you might want to take a look at.

3 Easy Tips To Get Started In Free Fire Free Fire
You can choose whatever weapon you want in the Training mode to try it out

To go to the Training mode, go to the Game Mode screen and then select Training.

3. How to play safe

These are the tips that will help you stop taking unnecessary damage in the game like trying to stay inside the safe zone or use Gloo Wall to block incoming bullets. You can find Gloo Wall randomly on the ground. Always move from covers to covers to make it harder for other players to spot you.

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