Close-combats are somethings that all Free Fire will have to go through a lot in the game. This type of combat requires players to have a fast reflex and accuracy. If you are a player who loves dropping on hot locations then learning how to master close-range combat is an utmost important skill to learn unless you want to go back to the lobby right after you land.

Here are the top 3 tips you that will help you get better at engaging close-range combats in Free Fire.

1. Don't hold your weapon while moving

When you are running or pushing an enemy, you would want to change to your melee weapon to increase your movement speed. When you actually see an enemy, pull out your secondary weapon to kill them.

3 Tips For Close Range Attacks In Free Fire Free F
Don't hold your gun while running because you will be slower

2. Jump Gloo Wall Trick

Gloo Wall is a very useful tool for both defensive and offensive purposes. When you want to get closer to the enemy so you can take advantage of your weapon such as shotguns, you can put multiple Gloo Wall on your path to block enemy line of sight.

3 Tips For Close Range Attacks In Free Fire Free F
Creating a Gloo Wall while jumping require no animation

But when you use Gloo Wall while running, you will have to stop for a brief moment, which will slow you down and might lead to some bad results for you. Instead, you can cast Gloo Wall while you are jumping in the air and the Gloo Wall will be cast instantly without the need of stopping.

3.  Know the Enemy's weapon

Knowing what your opponent is holding will help you come up with a suitable strategy to fight them. Each type of weapon has its own advantage and disadvantage. For example, if they are holding a shotgun then you would want to keep your distance a little bit farther away so they cannot one-shot you.

Shotgun Free Fire
You wouldn't want to get close to a shotgun player

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