Garena Free Fire isn’t just about fighting non-stop in a battleground with 49 other players. It’s an entertaining experience that you can share and enjoy with friends. Garena went a step further by adding special icons called “Emotes” into the real of Free Fire. They act as a refreshing touch, toning down the intensity of the fight. Today, let’s talk about Free Fire emotes unlock app - something that claims to give you all the emotes at the cost of nothing.

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Emotes are fun to have in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is now a massively popular Battle Royale game for mobile users. The title has managed to stretch numerous countries and regions on the face of the Earth, bringing the ultimate BR experience right to their phones. To keep the community feeling fresh and engaged, the publisher goes above and beyond to dish out constant content updates, events, and of course, emotes. These wonderful equipable items add a fun side to the game, yet, not all of them come for free. That’s why many turn to Free Fire emotes unlock app to get them at no charge at all. 

Free Fire Emotes Unlock App APK 2020 

As you may know, emotes add poses and actions to your characters. One can equip up to 6 emotes at a time. Popular ones such as Hello!, Tea Time, Applause, Dab, and Provoke are used to greet, have some fun, and even taunt the enemies. With each update, the publisher Garena introduces some new addition to their collection. 

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The MOD APK will unlock all emotes for you

However, you must pay Diamonds to unlock them without the help of Free Fire Emotes Unlock APK 2020. Each will cost 200 Diamonds, and consider the abundant number of these action icons, you may need the fortune to buy every single one of them. That’s where Free Fire emotes unlock APK 2020 comes in handy. 

About Free Fire Emotes Unlock App APK 2020

There are so many mods and APKs floating on the Internet, claiming to be the one that gives you free items in Garena Free Fire. However, choose the wrong one and you will be exposed to various threats, lurking under the file. Losing personal information, getting malware, and viruses are possible repercussions. Hence, if you must find a Free Fire all emotes unlock app to use, then check out Free Fire MOD APK. 

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Enjoy all the emotes that you would normally have to buy

Free Fire MOD APK is a popular tool to get everything for free in Garena Free Fire. It’s not only a emote unlocker APK, but this modified version of the game also brings sorts of features that you crave in the official release. If you’re eager to find out what this mod offers, read on to our listing down below.

Free Fire Emotes Unlock App MOD APK Features

Here are all the advantages you get with the Free Fire MOD APK:

  • Get access to a powerful gameplay assisting system with Auto-Aim, Wallhack, and Auto-Update
  • Unlimited sources of Diamonds, Gold Coins, and Garena Shells for absolutely free
  • Unlock all the characters in the game
  • Free Fire emotes unlock free app: all emotes are available for you to try out
  • Access to all the outfits, skins, and exclusive bundles
  • Get Elite Pass instantly
Free Diamonds
The MOD also give unlimited Diamonds

Is Free Fire Emotes Unlock Free App Legal?

With all of the prominent features as we mentioned above, many may not help but wonder whether this Free Fire emotes unlock APK is legal. The answer is unfortunately no. It’s considered a third-party application according to Garena Free Fire’s policies and terms of service. The usage or interference of this or similar apps will result in severe repercussions with the highest being a permanent ban on your account. 

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This MOD is not legal according to Garena's Terms of Service

Plus, please note that Free Fire is actually a server-based game. It means that your account data is stored on the game server, not your client. Consider that the MOD APK can only interfere with Free Fire client alone, it won’t be able to alter the state of your saved information. The currencies and items you see with the Free Fire emotes unlock app can’t actually be transferred to the main account. 

Free Fire Emotes Unlock App Download

Now that you know all about the Free Fire emotes unlock app, it’s totally up to you to decide whether to download it or not. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of using the MOD carefully before hitting that button. If you’re willing to confront the immense risk, then here’s the instruction to Free Fire Emotes Unlock App Download:

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Here are the steps to download the MOD
  1. Download the Free Fire MOD APK v1.50.2 and the OBB file
  2. Get an extract app to extract the obb.rar and apk.rar files to your SDCARD
  3. Go to the Settings on your phone, Applications and toggle on the option of installation from Unknown sources 
  4. Delete the original version of Free Fire 
  5. Move the extracted folder to the following location: / SDCARD / ANDROID / OBB  (if you don’t have a folder – just create a new one on your phone and name it OBB)
  6. Move Apk Mod file to the location: / SDCARD / ANDROID / DATA 
  7. Install the Free Fire MOD APK file and enjoy the game

Note: This free Fire free emotes app download (MOD APK) only works for Android devices. iOS doesn’t allow installation from unknown sources, so you won’t be able to use the modified version. 

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Consider the pros and cons carefully

Free Fire emotes unlock app is a wonderful tool to get free emotes and all sorts of items that you would have to buy normally in the original version. However, you are prone to a lot of risks such as losing personal information and getting malware. If you’re down to face those possible repercussions, then definitely give it a try. If not, just go ahead and pay 200 Diamonds to buy an emote from the store. You can also complete missions and Elite Pass to get some exclusive ones. For more guides into Free Fire as well as other popular titles, visit our website at