Free Fire has introduced a time-limited event titled 'Change your Fate'. It takes place from August 14th to 20th, 2020. Players will get a great chance to buy rare items and amazing things with a great discount. Check out the full details of this event here.

Change Your Fate Event In Free Fire

Free Fire launched a new event named 'Change Your Fate'. It will be live until August 20th, 2020. This special event gives players an amazing chance to get a great discount on many in-game items. The highest discount you can receive from this event is 80%.

Change Your Fate
Change Your Fate Event

In the lobby of this event, you will see the discount you can get on the left side of the phone screen. In addition, you also see the list of items with the discounted price in the price label. You can buy sone of them at a very low cost. There are nine items with discounted prices to buy in the prize pool. However, you can choose only three of them to buy.

Event Lobby
The Event Lobby
If players are not satisfied with the discount value, they can refresh them. The first refresh is free. Then, you need to pay 10 diamonds to refresh the amount of discount. Besides, the game system also lets you change the prize pool. It also gives you a free refresh for the first time. But then, you also need to pay 10 diamonds for later times of refreshing.
Refresh Prize Pool
Refresh The Prize Pool

Moreover, the prize pool and discount value are also refreshed automatically after you have purchased. Then, you will get the items in your vault after completing the purchase. If you buy an item for the second time, you will get a Free Fire token instead. Update the latest Free Fire game news and further information about later events with