Video games have been a great source for making a living since online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch began to skyrocket in bounds and leaps. Out of hundreds of game titles available on the market so far, the well-known PUBG Mobile doesn’t seem to fall from grace anytime soon even though it could look a bit old-fashioned in someone’s eyes.

However, we’re moving on to list down the five best PUBG Mobile streamers in the world right here.

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As an aggressive player, Atro often shows off his impeccable sniping skills in both speedy rush gameplay or long-range engagements. This streamer earns his renowned reputation mostly from YouTube. Atro has racked up more than 9.75 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views on his channel, with a lot of content being available in Arabic.

Atro Pubg Mobile


Levinho has emerged as one of the most popular names in the PUBG Mobile community for a long time. The Swedish YouTuber spends time creating fantastic content revolving around classic matches as well as interesting events, considering that such videos are totally worth watching thanks to his exceptional skill set. As of now, Levinho counts 9.32 million users as his subscribers and a total of 1.4 billion views on his channel.

Levinho Pubg Mobile


Panda makes his own way to this list with a record of over 8.14 million subscribers and 950 million views on his YouTube channel. Despite that his videos are nothing but extremely short highlights, they somehow draw a lot of attention from fans as they can catch him in action with top-notch accuracy and sniping skills.


This talented player is a mix and match of incredible skills and insane playstyle because it's not something too mind-blowing when you see him handle multiple enemies at the same time with ease.

Tacaz Pubg Mobile


Another PUBG Mobile guru that rises from Sweden. Sevou works on several types of content on his YouTube channel, such as how he spent UC, opened skins, or even broke new PUBG Mobile records, etc. Sevou has managed to garner nearly 5 million subscribers and 690 million views for the time being.