PUBG Mobile is now one of the biggest Battle Royale titles on the portable platform. With a player base counts to millions worldwide, the game comes up with various features to make out stand out from the crowd. One of those features is the title. They can be achieved by completing certain tasks in the game, used to decorate your profile. Let’s check out the top 5 easiest titles for you to get in PUBG Mobile. 

#1 Well-Liked

Kicking off the list of the 5 easiest titles to get in PUBG Mobile is the “Well-Liked”. You don’t have to do much with this one. Actually, it’s other players who do all the work for you. Receiving 1000 likes in the game, and you’ll earn yourself a “Well-Liked” Title. You can like your teammates back at the end of each match. 

pubg mobile titles well liked
You don't have to do much for this title! Just be nice and friendly

#2 Sharpshooter

Killing three enemies with headshots from a sniper rifle, and you’ll get the “Sharpshooter” title. It’s the second-easiest title to get in PUBG Mobile. The requirements are quite simple to meet, however, you must reach the Platinum tier or above to receive the task. Also, players can only achieve this in classic matches. 

pubg mobile titles sharpshooter
Get the Sharpshooter for three headshots with sniper rifles

#3 Weapon Master

Coming in at number three is the Weapon Master Title, which requires some extra work. To achieve this, players must kill enemies with literally every kind of weaponry available in PUBG Mobile. That means getting kills with an AR, an SMG, a Sniper, a Shotgun, throwables, and a vehicle (it counts too). Remember that you can only achieve the title while playing PUBG Mobile's solo classic match and beyond Platinum rank. 

pubg mobile titles weapon master
Get a kill with all the weapons for this title

#4 Season Ace

Just reach the Ace tier in PUBG Mobile, and you’ll find yourself with the “Season Ace” title. You can achieve this in any season of the game, and the rewards remain the same. They are given at the end of every season, and you have to play a total of 5 matches to get the title. Nowadays, it’s pretty much the most common titles you see in PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile titles ace
The Ace title is now super common in PUBG Mobile

#5 Perseverance

The “Perseverance” title is easy to get, but it may take a toll on your wallet. You need to purchase the Elite Royale Pass three times, consecutively for three seasons. At least you can still earn back 600 UC each season if you level up the Royale Pass up to 100. 

Perseverance pubg mobile
You'll get this title for spending some cash