Weapon skins make Free Fire guns more powerful and versatile. Here are the five best gun skins that you should use in Free Fire OB26.

#5. Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG

AUG is a strong and stable weapon for close combat. It will be more powerful when you equip the Cyber Bounty Hunter skin for it. This skin helps double the damage of this AR and increases the accuracy to let you kill the enemy faster.

Cyber Bounty Hunter Aug
Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG.

#4. Evil Pumpkin AK

AK is another powerful weapon in Free Fire with great damage. The Evil Pumpkin skin will make it stronger with a higher rate of fire. Moreover, it also doubles the accuracy of this gun. As this gun is often used in close-combat, it doesn't matter when the effective range decreases.

Evil Pumpkin Ak
Evil Pumpkin AK

#3. Cupid Scar

This legendary skin is not only stunning but also useful because it helps boost the damage and firing rate of this strong AR. Then, you can take the enemies down quickly. Like previous gun AR skins, this skin also reduces the range of this weapon. But it doesn't matter too much because it's more effective and powerful in close combat.

Cupid Scar
Cupid Scar

#2. Duke Swallowtail AWM

This cool AWM gun skin helps improve the firing rate and mag size of this powerful bolt-action sniper. You can obtain this skin in the Swallowtail Weapon Loot Crate. With a larger ammo capacity, you can shoot more bullets to do a clutch with this king of sniper rifles.

Duke Swallowtail Awm
Duke Swallowtail AWM

#1. Predatory Cobra MP40

Predatory Cobra MP40 is a new gun skin in Free Fire. It's also the only upgradable gun skin in this list. Players can use Venomous Fang tokens to redeem this amazing gun skin. This gun skin helps boost the damage and firing rate of this SMG while reduce the reload speed of MP40.