Genshin Impact players on NA/EU servers can use the following Replica IDs on Serenitea Pot for quick construction. Or else, the following impressive and cool Serenitea Pot ideas of devoted players may inspire your gorgeous designs.

#1. Interior Decoration

  • Server: NA

The two following interior decoration ideas possess different styles from Mondstadt and Inazuma.

This Windward Mansion includes a master office, a knights’ conference room, a chief alchemist’s study, a lounge for tea time, and a restroom. It's inspired by the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, as revealed by the designer Julianna.

  • Replica ID: 56473123727
56473123727 Windward Manor
Knights of Favonius Headquarters

Julianna also shared another interior design named the Estate of the Enlightened One. The main hall is inspired by the design of Komore Teahouse. Besides, she created a Japanese-style detective’s office, library, bedroom, and dojo in this mansion.

  • Replica ID: 90832862095
90832862095 Refined Estate
Estate of the Enlightened One

#2. Sumeru restaurant

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 26490286402

The Twitter user @withallmoons shared this impressive exterior design. You can learn how to build a Sumeru-style restaurant in the Sublime Spicewood Realm from this idea.

Sumeru Restaurant


#3. Christmas idea

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 60835138827

You can build your unique Christmas village based on this idea shared by DailyReplica_ID on Twitter. It uses some event-limited Snowman furnishing items. Other landscape items and Mondstart building blueprints are available at Tubby's shop.

Christmas Idea


#4. Floral Cottage

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 163834522963

Floral Cottage is one of the most liked Serenitea Pot ideas. Genshin Impact player Rune built this poetry cottage on the Conch-Court Isle in the Cool Isle Realm.

Floral Cottage


Cool Isle Sub Realm Conch Court

#5. Islands of Tranquility

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 395870455887

Islands of Tranquility is one of the best Serenitea Pot ideas in Genshin Impact created by Mirukawa. This is a complicated compound with three big islands and three sub-isles alternately. Build this compound on the Letter Isle in the Cool Isle Realm for a large and stunning sea view.


Best Genshin Replica Id

Islands Of Tranquility

Eu Server

#6. Swimming Pool On Summer Island

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 22195319106

Swimming Pool on Summer Island is another Serenitea Pot idea by @withallmoons built on the Couch-Court Isle in the Cool Isle Realm. This lovely island is a good destination for this summer holiday.

Swimming Pool On Summer Island


#7. Baizhu's Bamboo Retreat

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 146654653779

A Liyue-style retreat in a bamboo forest is built by Genshin player Primogem_ in the Emerald Peak. You can purchase most of these furnishing blueprints and landscape items from Tubby.

Baizhus Bamboo Retreat


#8. Sumeru Retreat

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 155244588371

This peaceful retreat is built on the Reverie Sub-Realm by Genshin player Primogem_ in the Sublime Spicewood Realm. A nice place for healing and chilling!


Na Server

#9. Potion Market

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 56441580425

This is a gorgeous Serenitea Pot idea by U/urmakeupisterrible. You need to purchase lots of Cherry Blossom trees to plant around this market, such as Flower's First Blushing Bloom, "Between Nine Steps", The Precious Pink of Spring, and Doves the World Over, Repose Seeking.


U Urmakeupisterrible

#10. Fishing Pond

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 47851645833

This fishing pond is another Serenitea Pot idea by U/urmakeupisterrible. It uses collectible and purchasable furnishing items.

Fishing Pond

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#11. Verdant Veranda

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 99386652836

This replica complex possesses a Liyue-style theme. This multi-story building in a peaceful bamboo forest is a great place for relaxing and retreat.

Verdant Veranda


#12. Inazuma Private Onsen

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 17784391793

This is an impressive Inazuma-style idea by @Malady_Moon. This devoted Genshin player built a beautiful private onsen on the Nodoka Terrace in the Silken Courtyard Realm.

Inazuma Private Onsen


#13. Inazuma-style Mansion

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 69420443888

Lady_shy user created an Inazuma-style mansion with a beautiful flower garden and Japanese-style houses on Nodoka Terrace in Silken Courtyard Realm.


Nodoka Terrace


#14. Lavender Field

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 69425073419

The Lavender Field created by @Nox_Sakura on the Pearl Isle in Cool Isle Realm requires lots of   Prolongation Medium shrubs. Put some lamps in the garden to make it look brilliant at night.


Lavender Field

#15. Cherry Blossom Peak

  • Server: EU
  • Replica ID: 5000889320

This is a poetry mountainous retreat full of cherry blossom flowers on the Autumnhold Peak in the Emerald Peak realm. The designer placed an Otogi "Rakushi" Square Table and two chairs under the pink foliage of the "Between Nine Steps" blossom tree for visitors to rest and chill out.


Emerald Peak Autumnhold Peak

#16. Enkanomiya

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 13505528610

This design is inspired by the Enkanomiya Temple managed by Kokomi. The secret temple is hidden among mountains and rocks.


Inspired By Enkanomiya

#17. Summer Resort

  • Server: NA
  • Replica ID: 116589882707

This ocean-vibe summer resort is built on Pearl Isle in the Cool Isle Realm. You need a large number of 'Sub-Space Cabochon: Up, Up, and Away' floating platforms to build stairs connecting mountains in the compound.

Summer Resort


These are the top gorgeous and cool Serenitea Pot ideas attached with Replica IDs for players on the NA and EU servers. Genshin players on other servers can build similar islands based on these ideas if desired. Stay tuned for more impressive ideas collected by Gurugamer.

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