Emilie Genshin Impact drip marketing is out today. Her official design and the first introduction are revealed. Let's check out everything we've known about this character here.

Emilie Genshin
Emilie's full-body design

Emilie Genshin Drip Marketing

As unveiled in the latest drip marketing, Emilie has the 'A Thousand Scents Traced' title. She is a Renowned Perfumer from Fontaine. This upcoming character is a Dendro character with a constellation named 'Pomum de Ambra'. Her official design comes with the following message about this character.

"When it comes to fragrances, sensitivity varies from person to person, but their preferences tend to be similar.
Few in the world are amenable to every kind of odor.
Fresh, floral, fruity... Such are the scents of Emilie's perfumes, meticulously crafted, exquisitely presented, dazzlingly displayed on the shelves of Fontaine's Quartier Lyonnais.
Dated, decayed, decrepit... Such are the traces erased by her touch, everything made as good as new.
If you've never before heard of a "forensic cleaner," you might at first struggle to imagine what such a profession entails.
But if you're lucky enough to become acquainted with Emilie, feel free to ask her a question or two. She is both an excellent listener and an exemplary respondent, so you'll no doubt receive a satisfactory answer."

Emilie's outfit reminds us of Lisa who also came in a charming and alluring slit skirt. Besides, she wears glasses, a lovely cocktail hat, and round-toe pumps. With this gorgeous drip marketing, Emilie will likely be a 5-star character.

According to some previous leaks, Emilie Genshin will be a 5-star Dendro character. She may wield a polearm and play the role of a sub-DPS character. Though these leaks haven't been confirmed, we can expect to get a strong Dendro sub-DPS for many META teams of the game now.

Genshin Emilie
Emilie Genshin Impact Drip Marketing

Pre-Farming Guide For Genshin Emilie

Emilie Genshin needs local materials and boss drops from Fontaine as well as exclusive materials for Dendro lineups to ascend and level up. In addition, you can pre-farm the following talent level-up materials for her before her official release.

Category Material Amount Best location/How to farm
Fontaine's local plant Lakelight Lily 168
  • Along the water stream in Foggy Forest Path;
  • Around Loch Urania and Weeping Willow of the Lake;
  • Next to small ponds and lakes in the east of Fountain of Lucine;
  • Pahsiv's shop (once only)
Nagadus Emerald
Sliver 1
  • Defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom, Dendro Hypostasis, and Guardian of Apep's Oasis in Sumeru;
  • Crafted
Fragment 9
Chunk 9
Gemstone 6
Boss drops
Fragment of the Golden Melody 46 Defeat Legatus Golem (Statue of Marble and Brass) - the normal boss native to Nostoi Region's Faded Castle in Fontaine
Meshing Gear 36
  • Fight off Clockwork Meka mobs and bosses to pick their drops;
  • Crafted
Mechanical Spur 96
Artificed Dynamic Gear 129
Character Talent Level-up Item Silken Feather 18 Fight off Knave Weekly Boss
Talent Level-up Books
Teachings of Order 9
  • Challenge and complete the Pale Forgotten Glory domain of mastery every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday in Salacia Plain in the Court of Fontaine Region;
  • Crafted
Guide to Order 63
Philosophies of Order 114

All these materials are ready for farming now. As you need a great number of boss drops and native flowers for her full ascension as well as talent level, start farming early to prepare for Emilie's release.

Emilie Pre Farming
Emilie pre-farming list

Genshin Emilie's Banner Analysis

According to the pity rule of Genshin Impact, you are guaranteed to obtain a 5-star character every 75 - 90 rolls. It means that you should have at least 12,000 - 14,400 Primogems to get a chance to win a 5-star character since the previous winning.

With such a huge number of Primogem for 50% of winning, a lot of Genshin Impact players might be confused if they should pull her banner at this time. Here are some points you can refer to before deciding whether Emilie is worth your savings or not.

  • Elimie can be the first 5-star Dendro polearm wielder in Genshin Impact and the first 5-star Dendro character during 4.x patches.
  • She can be a refreshing addition to the Dendro lineups with the role of a DPS while most of the other Dendro characters are playing as supporters.
  • Her kit may revolve around burning reactions, making her suit some current META characters, such as Arlecchino and Chevreuse.

As we evaluate, Dendro-based element reactions are still the most powerful now. Dendro is also a flexible element that can buff other elements and erode the enemy's HP no matter whether the wielder is on-field or off-field. If you have Alhaitham, the existing Dendro DPS, you can consider skipping Emilie to save Primogems for Natlan's upcoming characters. But Emilie is still worth your Primogems.

Emilie Analysis
Is Emilie worth your Primogems?

You can learn more leaks about Emilie Genshin Impact and the expected content of Patch 4.8. Stay tuned for further information about this character on Gurugamer.com.

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