Most Genshin Impact players may have not fully explored Fontaine, yet new information about Natlan has surfaced. And surely, the Fire nation seemed to bear more discretion compared to other element lands. Now that the developers have teased new trailers regarding Natlan, players are also intrigued about which Natlan character will arrive.

Apparently, these new units will be introduced from update 5.0 onward. In total, we will witness three new 5-star characters. Two of them atre Catalyst wielders and the other one uses Claymore as their unique weapon. Let's see what you can expect from the new Natlan character lineup below!


Iansan Genshin
Iansan's model was known way before the possible lineup of Natlan character surfaced.

Iansan is one of the rumored Natlan characters to be introduced the earliest. She is a small girl with dark skin, long ears, and light green eyes.

Players have mistaken her as a boy in previous speculations. Her model resembles a small child, same as the likes of Dori, Nahida, Klee, etc. Her element might be Pyro or Electro.

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While some details about Xbalanque in Genshin Impact are already known, a reliable source confirms he belongs to a long-lived race. This supports the idea that he is the Dragon Sovereign of Natlan.

With Klee being the only 5-Star Pyro Catalyst character, Xbalanque may become a Catalyst hypercarry like Neuvillette. On another hand, he might also  serve as an off-field Support.

According to some users, Xbalanque will show more skin compared to other male characters.

The leak indicates that Natlan's new combat mechanics will enhance older characters who have fallen behind in the meta, such as Ayato and Shenhe, particularly if the rumored level cap increase includes an Ascension Talent.

Pyro Archon

Murata Weapon
Murata will be the next Archon to join the lineup of Element God and 5-star characters.

The Pyro Archon - Murata, is another Natlan character that players have been looking forward to. The most recent Archons come in the shape of small or average height models (Nahida, Furina). Therefore, Murata's appearance as a grown woman model may be a fresh breeze in the game.

In Genshin Impact, she is deemed a "big sister" type of character and will likely be the Claymore character released in Version 5.2. Her element is certainly Pyro.

Although it's early to determine which upcoming Genshin Impact characters will dominate the meta, the leak suggests that the Pyro Archon is not an Event Banner to skip. Her abilities and role in the story are expected to make her a valuable addition to any team.

On another hand, Capitano and Columbina are also expected to appear in this region as the Fatui Harbingers operating there.

Interestingly, Emilie's release has been delayed to Natlan, where she will debut as an ATK-scaling off-field character. This change has intrigued many players who were anticipating her arrival sooner.

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