Genshin Impact Natlan was teased in the latest Special Program. First images of the Pyro Nation grab the audience's attention and leave them excited about further Natlan's leaks. Let's see the expected release date, locations, and other features in the Land of Pyro here.

Natlan Release Date & Location

The Genshin Impact Natlan teaser in Patch 4.7 Livestream made lots of fans go banana. Your adventure in the Land of Pyro may start in Patch 5.0 in late August 2024. It's time to complete the main quests in Fontaine before you are loaded with new adventures and missions in Natlan. The Land of Pyro may be in the west of Sumeru's Desert region.

New Nation
First images of Natlan

Before exploring Natlan, Genshin Impact players can enter a Summer Event map in Patch 4.8 for a summer festival in Fontaine. After that, Patch 4.9 will be a light update before the big update of Patch 5.0. There can be many new gameplay mechanics in that nation. Therefore, the patch size can be larger than expected.

New Features In Genshin Impact Natlan

Natlan's teaser leaked a Pokemon vibe in the Pyro Nation with the appearance of many new good-looking saurians. These agile and adorable creatures have vibrant skins and special skills for climbing walls quickly. As introduced, these saurians are also the signature creatures of Natlan which cohabitate with Natlan's humans in harmony.

Natlan Preview
New creatures: Saurians

Besides, there will be many new mechanics and features to experience in Natlan, including:

  • Explore high canyons, mounts, lava-filled caverns, rocky caves, wooded jungles, crystal-clear rivers, and streams in Natlan.
  • Travelers may get a new flying ability in this nation other than the gliding mechanics. As Genshin Impact added the exclusive diving skill to Fontaine, we have the right to expect the flying mechanic in Natlan.
  • Genshin Impact may let Travelers mount Saurians to climb high canyons or fly over lava in underground caves as an exclusive mechanic in this nation. Or else, Travelers may transform into these local creatures for special moving skills.
Natlan Genshin
Natlan looks stunning and impressive in the first teaser.

Natlan is still under development, so we haven't been sure about the exact mechanics to be added to this nation yet. But the Land of Pyro throughout Saurian Wanderings looks more stunning than expected. Stay tuned for further looks and leaks about the nation of Pyro Archon on

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