After back-to-back leaks, Emilie has finally been confirmed as one of the new units in Genshin Impact. The young lady is said to arrive in version 4.8. Before this, the livestream event for update 4.7 also confirmed that Clorinde, Sethos, and Sigewinne will also join us in the upcoming weeks.

Let's see what you can expect from Emilie Genshin Impact below.

Who is Emilie Genshin Impact?

Current information about Emilie indicates that she is a renowned perfumer from Fontaine, known for creating unique fragrances. Each of Emilie's perfumes is meticulously crafted, elegantly presented, and sparkles on the shelves of Quartier Lyonnais. The fresh floral and fruity scents she produces can mask the passage of time and decay, making everything seem new again.

Emilie Genshin Impactspalsh
Emilie Genshin Impact looks different from everything players expected or designed.

She is close friends with another playable Fontaine character, Chevreuse, and they frequently collaborate on solving intricate cases.

Emilie will be the newest 5-star Dendro character, joining the likes of Baizhu and Nahida. Contrary to her vibrant demeanor and expertise in crafting perfumes, Emilie's actual profession is as a "Forensic Cleaner".

While some fans are expressing their surprise following the official design, others are complementing the perfume designer for her beauty.

Emilie element, weapon, elemental abilities

Although Genshin Impact Emilie's splash art doesn't reveal her weapon type, recent reports suggest she wields a polearm. This makes her the first 5-star character with this weapon and element combination. Also, she will be a Pneuma-aligned.

Previous rumors mentioned that Emilie's signature 5-star weapon can increase ATK. Details about Emilie's signature polearm indicate it grants a 15% ATK bonus. It also includes a stacking mechanic, where each of the two possible stacks adds a 10% damage bonus. These stacks are activated when the Burning Elemental Reaction occurs. This hints that Emilie may serve as a damage dealer.

It also provides a significant damage boost when the character triggers Burning. The Burning elemental reaction, caused by Dendro and Pyro, indicates Emilie's synergy with Genshin Impact's Pyro units.

Further information highlights Emilie's potential with the Burning Reaction. According to a user on Reddit, one of Emilie's talents boosts Burning DMG by 30%. It also reduces self-damage from Burning in Genshin Impact by 95%.

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Genshin Impact update 4.8 expectations

Genshin Impact 4.7 release date is June 5, 2024. The developers have confirmed the banners of Clorinde and Alhaitham.

Genshin Impact 4 7 Banners
Genshin Impact Clorinde and Alhaitham banners in version 4.7 will arrive on June 5, 2024.

Besides, after many speculations and teasing about Natlan, it is possible that update 4.8 will be the last version before the Pyro nation's arrival. According to calculations, Natlan may officially come around in late August.

The new nation alone will bring about a lot of exciting content. You can also experience new events like summer content, new Archon quests, etc.

Players will likely need to wait for the 4.8 beta for more details about Emilie's skills. Fans hope she will provide a strong alternative to the Sumeru Archon Nahida, who has been the top Dendro character in Genshin Impact since her debut.

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