Genshin Impact Sigewinne is one of eleven featured in the teaser video of Fontaine - The Final Feast. This adorable girl impressed a lot of players though she does not have a dialogue during the video. Check out her element, weapon type, and other information here.

I. Sigewinne Profile

Sigewinne was first seen in the teaser video of Fontaine - The Final Feast. She is the adorable girl sitting next to the prison warder - Wriothesley in the middle part of the video. These two characters seem to have a tea Break, but Sigewinne is too little to drink tea.

It may indicate that Sigewinne has a close relationship with Wriothesley. Besides, this Loli character can be younger than Klee, YaoYao, or Diona.

Sigewinne seems to have a close relationship with Wriothesley.

Moreover, this little girl can be a non-human character because she has bunny ears on her head. Her bunny-like ears remind us of Melusine - the one who appeared in the preview video of Fontaine after the Genshin Impact 3.8 Livestream Program.

II. Vision, Weapon Type & Rarity

According to a recent leak, Sigewinne can be a four-star Hydro Bow wielder. Due to the close relationship with Wriothesley, she may be included in the banner of this 5-star unit which is expected to be released in Genshin Impact 4.1.

Genshin Sigewinne
Sigewinne can be a Hydro character.

III. Voice Actresses & Roles

Sarah Williams is the English voice actress of Sigewinne. Besides, Hina Kino takes up the Japanese voice for this little girl.

If Sigewinne debuts as a 4-star Hydro archer, she may be a supporter of Wriothesley in the Frozen team. But Genshin Impact publisher has not confirmed or revealed any further information about this character. Just wait for her official release after update 4.0.

Genshin Sigewinne Rarity
Sigewinne may be a Hydro supporter.

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