Clorinde is the new character in Genshin Impact 4.7. Is she worth your Primogems? Let's check out reasons you should or shouldn't save Primogems for her banner.

Is Clorinde Banner Worth Primogems
Is Clorinde Banner Worth Primogems?

I. Is Clorinde Worth Your Primogems?

Clorinde's banner will be out in the first half of Genshin Impact 4.7 with Alhaitham. Moreover, Sigewinne will arrive in that patch. The return of Furina also makes it harder to decide which banner is worth your Primogems. Let's check out the strengths and weaknesses of this character below to know if she is suitable for your current team or strategy and technique.


Clorinde is worth pulling for the following reasons:

  • Her damage output is desirable.
  • It's easy to manage the Bond of Life on this DPS.
  • She is versatile in team cooperation and synergies.

Clorinde can be powerful when you can master her kit.

Clorinde Worth Pulling
Clorinde's strength


However, Clorinde also has some weak points that should be considered before pulling.

  • Her kit does not have any Elementary Scaling.
  • She cannot take any other role but the Main DPS.
  • Clorinde can't be healed when she has the Bond of Life.

Based on these strong and weak points, together with your gameplay and strategies, let's decide whether to pull this character or not.

Clorinde Banner Decision
Clorinde's weakness

II. Clorinde Vs. Other DPS

It's also worth considering when you have other powerful DPS characters. Let's compare Clorinde with them to choose the prior banner to spend your budget on.

Clorinde vs Arlecchino

The Bond of Life mechanic makes Clorinde and Arlecchino similar to some extent. But Clorinde is easier to use because of her self-healing ability. Moreover, her Electro element is the strongest and most versatile element in this game.

Therefore, Clorinde can slightly outperform Arlecchino when she plays on the right team. But having both of them makes you closer to victory.

Clorinde Ability
Clorinde vs other DPS characters

Clorinde vs Raiden Shogun

Clorinde and Raiden Shogun have the same Electro element. However, the Electro Archon is more versatile and flexible because she can take the sub-DPS, main DPS, and Support roles. Therefore, you can ignore Clorinde if you have a fully upgraded and equipped Raiden Shogun.

III. Should You Pull Her Signature Weapon

Most Genshin Impact characters are stronger when wielding their signature weapons. Her signature sword, Absolution, is the best weapon for optimizing Clorinde's kit. It buffs her Crit Damage and Bond of Life massively. Therefore, it's a good choice for rich players to roll Clorinde's weapon banner.

However, F2P players have other cheaper options, such as Mistsplitter Reforged, Blackcliff Longsword, The Black Sword, and The Finale of the Deep. You can save Primogems for Furina or Sigewinne after obtaining Clorinde in Phase I. As estimated, all four banners of patch 4.7 are alluring.

Clorinde Banner Estimating
Is Clorinde's signature weapon worth pulling?

In conclusion, Clorinde is worth your Primogems, even when you recruited Arlecchino successfully in this patch. But F2P players can skip her banner if they don't need another main Electro DPS after having a strong Raiden Shogun. Stay tuned for more tips and advice for Genshin players on

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