Genshin Impact Arlecchino is the best Pyro DPS up to patch 4.6. But she will get a minor nerf in patch 4.7. Let's see which skill is nerfed and how it impacts her overall power here. The reason for her nerf can be convincing.

Arlecchino's Nerf Leaked

As leaked by HomDGCat, Arlecchino will get a minor nerf in Genshin Impact 4.7. Specifically, her particle generation cooldown (CD) will slightly increase from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. Even when she unleashes her elemental burst to reset the elemental skill CD, it still takes you 3 seconds to use her skill again.

Arlecchino Boss Fight
Arlecchino will get a minor Nerf next patch.

Will Arlecchino's Nerf Affect Her Power?

Arlecchino's nerf in patch 4.7 won't affect her overall power and performance much. It does not affect the rotation of her team and her gameplay. This nerf will not affect the animation time and how she creates particles, even when she uses a combo of an elemental skill and an elemental burst with a follow-up skill attack.

Arlecchino Genshin Impact 3
Her skill is nerf, but it does not affect her power.

Why Arlecchino Get Nerfed?

You can be surprised by the reason why Arlecchino is nerfed in the following update. It's because her current kit makes Xiangling overpowered. Therefore, the developer team has to neft her particle generation ability.

In the upcoming endgame mode, the developer will add a new buff that allows players to unleash the elemental skill of the active character multiple times. Each time she unleashes the elemental skill, Arlecchino creates five Pyro particles, resulting in too many Pyro particles created by her skill, the weapon's effects, and the enemy's attacks.

Arlecchino 2
Arlecchino's nerf is essential in the next patch due to a new buff from the endgame mode.

Xiangling is often chosen to support Arlecchino in many teams, especially in her Mono Pyro team. If she is not neft, Arlecchino can create 10 - 15 Pyro particles for Xiangling in the new endgame mode and fully charge her Pyronado in a blink. Therefore, this skill of the Fatui Harbinger must be nerfed to reduce the number of Pyro particles created and guarantee the game's balance.

However, the game publisher hasn't confirmed it yet. Besides, this new feature is still under development and it can be changed before patch 4.7. Stay tuned for the latest news about this character and other Genshin Impact's updates on

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