Kingdom Rush is a tower defense series developed by Ironhide Game Studio. With three excellent entries, the series has been popular among fans of the tower defense genre for a while. Now, Ironhide Game has offially announced that the fourth installement of the series, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, will be coming soon. You can watch the trailer for the game below

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Offical Trailer

Storywise, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is slightly different in comparison to its predecessors. Vez’nan, the evil wizard from the series’ first title, has returned again, and he brings with him terror and destruction. This time, however, the player will join force with Vez’nan to crush the forces of the righteous instead of trying to put a stop to his onslaught.

In terms of gameplay, Kingdom Rush Vengeance stick to the formula established by previous titles in the series. Each level has a pre-set path, with empty areas around called Strategy Points that the player can build towers on. Waves of enemies will then periodically emerge and walk down the path, and the task of the player is to use the towers and other means such as spells and heroes to stop them from reaching their destination.

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Build towers to stop the advance of the enemies

An improvement that Kingdom Rush Vengeance made is that you can now build 16 unique towers. This is a big stepup compared to the eight of previous Kingdom Rush titles. And since you are on the side of the bad guys this time, your units will no longer be druids, men, dwarves and elves. Instead, you will control evil abominations such as orcs and zombies. There will also be new powers for you to vanquish your enemies with.

There is also a wide variety of levels in this game, ranging from green forests to sunny deserts. Each level has an unique atmosphere to it thanks to the colorful graphics.

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There is a wide variety of maps

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will come to iOS and Android on November 22. Currently, you can already pre-order it on Google Play and App Store. The game will cost you $4.99.