It is said that the game is so terrific that eventually in the end, all of its players will have the feeling of paranoid. And the good news is that the game Town of Salem is now available on Android. This terrific game is specified for mobile devices, therefore you can easily enjoy it whenever and wherever you are.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem is 100% not a single payer game. When playing this one, you will have a team of 7 to 15 people. Your mission in this game is being able to make a lie as reliable as possible, and to tell when others are telling lies or not. All the 7 to 15 players are separated into different alignments namely Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals.

Town of Salem - iOS and Android Launch Trailer

Town is the alignments for good people. When being a member of this town, you have the mission of discovering the Mafia and other villains before being killed. Sounds simple? Well that’s not everything about the game yet. The tricky thing here is that it is impossible to tell who is a Town member and who is a villain. There is no difference in between.

And when you stand in the dark, playing the evil part like a Serial Killer, you mission will be a “little” bit different. At night, you will secretly kill other town members and of course, try to protect yourself from being caught.

The game to enjoy with friends

There are 33 roles in total, and each one has a different alignment and capability. The game will come to an end when all of the bad guys are strung up or all of the town members are killed. There are also different set of playing, like daytime and night- time system and trials. This game is so worth trying- and tricking with your best friends.